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Hi-Lift mount

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A few of you guys have shown some interest in my Hi-Lift mount so I figured I would do a write up. I didn't take pictures while I was actually building it but this should still be pretty useful. Since we all like pictures, this what my finished product looks like...






The measurements...








All measurements are in inches


The square tubing is 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/8 and the bar stock is 1 x 1/8. Except for the piece that goes against the jack, it's 1 1/4 x 1/8 because it fits right in the groove on the side of the jack.


There are three 3/8 (I think) bolts going into the fender and two 3/8 (I think) bolts going into the side of the bed. They both have backing plates with nuts welded on them. I didn't include measurements of them because they are just 1 x 1/8 bar stock with holes in them, pretty self explanatory.


I just kinda built the bracket from the bottom up. It wasn't really in a specific order or any thing. I found it easiest to weld on the part that goes along the jack last though. Does that make any sense?


When drilling the holes... There are two layers of metal were the bottom three bolts go. There is a gap in between them. The best way I found to drill the holes was to mark them on top and drill a small pilot hole from the top, Then drill the actual size you want from the bottom. Obviously removing tire or jacking it up so tire droops down. You may need to compensate depending on how strait your pilot hole was when you drill the actual hole. The top holes are easy, just bolt the bracket on with the bottom bolts and drill through the bed side.


Getting the backing plate on the top bolts is NOT easy, it will require two people and one should have long and flexible arms. I had to tie a string to a washer and stick the string through the backing plate and hole in the bed side to pull the backing plate up in there. I tied it to the washer so I could cut the string and let the washer fall down out of the way. After it was pulled up in there my dad held the string and threaded in the bolt while I reached up under the bed and pushed the backing plate into place with the very tips of my fingers. After one side is snugly bolted on, you can reach up the other side and push the backing plate into place and bolt that side on. Now pray that you never have to take it off again. LOL


I'm gonna put up some more pictures of the actual bracket in the next few days to help you guys see what the measurements are exactly.




Let me know if I left out any measurements...


I don't know if this works with other brands of jacks, but I don't see why not.




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