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how many miles on your truck's factory engine?

How many miles on your engine?  

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  1. 1. How many miles on your factory MJ engine?

    • 0-50k
    • 50-100k
    • 100-150k
    • 150-200k
    • 200-250k
    • 250-300k
    • 300k+
    • who knows. I swapped it out.

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partly playing with the poll feature, partly looking for a graph showing how the stock engines are doing. :L: 


multiple choice answering is allowed for guys owning more than one.  If your trucks both have 175k, then I don't know how to accommodate that  :dunno:

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Well 498,400km on the first 4.0 in my first MJ before I pulled it puts me in the 300+ club, by just. I also added one for the ~270,000km that are now on the engine that replaced it (240,000 of which were accumulated by the XJ it came out of). I've also got 172,000km on the other MJ's original 2.5 when it came out, but it's death was due to neglect from the previous owner. Sometimes when your crusty old radiator is leaking, the fact it quit leaking on you doesn't have much to do with the stop-leak you were pouring in the top as quickly as the coolant was coming out, and more to do with there only being a finite amount of coolant in the system...

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The original 2.5 in mine had 200K when I swapped it out for the 4.0.  It then got swapped into another MJ and ran for about 2 years (don't know how many miles in that time though) and finally met it's demise when the block froze and cracked from sitting out in the winter with plain water in the coolant system..RIP :doh::mad:


The 4.0 I swapped in had almost 200K on it, I just freshened up the top end (nothing on the bottom end was touched, except for a new oil pan gasket lol).  I drove it for several years, probably putting another 30-40K on it, before selling it off.  I have no idea what happened to it after that.  The new owner seemed like a cool guy/wrench head, so I assume it's still running somewhere out in the hills of southern VA.  At least I like to think it is.  I check Craigslist every once in awhile to see if it ever pops up.

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Not an MJ but my 98 XJ has 457,000 miles on it. The internals have never been touched. It runs so well I’m thinking about putting it in my YJ build just to see how long it keeps running.

It’s to bad that the XJ is extremely rotten.

Much worse than this picture shows.B613E83E-881D-45A0-97E2-5F08E4B2A704.jpeg.ac465e5a45f15b010085480a51d0f92d.jpeg

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34 minutes ago, Vineyard86manch said:

I hope I can reach the 200 or 300k club, this truck will be at least 50 by then. Just hit 60k yesterday



60? Such a youngster. 


If you take care of it, it will last another 340k. 

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12 minutes ago, 87MJTIM said:

60? Such a youngster


48 minutes ago, Vineyard86manch said:

Just hit 60k yesterday


That's A LOT of short trips. :L:  Edgartown is on Martha's Vineyard (it's an island). 

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2001 Silverado 310,000 (original 6.0)

1991 XJ 238,000 (pretty sure the 4.0 is original, and runs strong)

1991 MJ 159,000 pretty sure it's the original engine, it as a weird piston clatter sound on cold start ups.  Definitely doesn't run as strong as the XJ.  I have an unknown mileage 1996 4.0 long block I will be swapping in.


My CJ-7 has 242,000 miles but is on it's 3rd engine, original 258, swapped 4.0ho, swapped 5.3


I used to own a 1989 XJ Wagoneer that went to just over 300,000 miles before I sold it.

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