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  1. I love seeing these! Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to following along.
  2. I recently picked up a truck topper for my MJ - it isn't Comanche specific, so it doesn't fit perfect. I was wondering how close the topper can be to the cab without causing issues? I know there is a gap between the cab and cap on most trucks, but since our trucks are unibody, does the bed ever move independently of the cab? Thanks!
  3. Picked up a second gen Ranger topper - it fits really well! There is a tiny gap in the bed and topper near the cab (maybe a quarter of an inch?)... I could push the topper forward to cover it, but then it might be too close to the cab. I'm not sure what appropriate gaps are between beds and campers.
  4. Alright, one more question - since I've got a manual, do I need to find a manual to do the swap, or do the automatics and manuals share the same console?
  5. Don welcomed me into the forum and helped out and encouraged me to get into MJs. He will be missed.
  6. I never really venture into this part of the forum - but I'm glad I did! Just read through the whole thread and I'm loving this build/restoration! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Forgive me if this is common knowledge - I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. What are our options for center consoles? My manual MJ has the mini console with the little coin holder. Can I find a larger console out of an XJ with cup holders and arm rest and it will drop in? EDIT: I've got stock bucket seats. Thanks!
  8. For what it is worth - both of those smashed up jeeps had super clean interiors. I had the same thought, but I'm wondering if something more bizarre happened, like a towing accident or something dropped on them while parked.
  9. I went to the junkyard this weekend and managed to pull a Dodge Dakota bellhousing for possible future transmission upgrades: While I was there, I saw they had three XJs listed. Here is what two of them looked like: The third was almost in as bad shape, but I could at least get into it. I snagged the visors out of it and finally got some in my truck: Not epic, but slowly making things better!
  10. Success! I lucked out. Someone had pulled the engine before I got there, so all I had to do was unbolt and go!
  11. Hey everyone, I'm going to be pulling a 2.5L Dakota bellhousing and was wondering if there were any tips from others that have done it. I'm guessing it is the same as just pulling the whole transmission (which I have never done before, but from what I have read it is straightforward): remove rear driveshaft, remove crossmember, unbolt bellhousing from engine, remove bellhousing from transmission. Are there any special tools I need or any tips that helped you along the way? I went and started it a week or two ago and had a hard time reaching the bolts to remove the crossmember. I only had an hour, so ended up leaving with the job partially done. Thanks!
  12. The only position I can see labeled on my truck is LOCK. I can take it out in most positions... I wonder if there is just so much slop that it has to be in the perfect spot?
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