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  1. I never really venture into this part of the forum - but I'm glad I did! Just read through the whole thread and I'm loving this build/restoration! Thanks for sharing.
  2. bigmistake

    Center Console Options

    Buckets! Forgot to add that.
  3. Forgive me if this is common knowledge - I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. What are our options for center consoles? My manual MJ has the mini console with the little coin holder. Can I find a larger console out of an XJ with cup holders and arm rest and it will drop in? EDIT: I've got stock bucket seats. Thanks!
  4. bigmistake

    bigmistake's 91 MJ - Project ELi5

    For what it is worth - both of those smashed up jeeps had super clean interiors. I had the same thought, but I'm wondering if something more bizarre happened, like a towing accident or something dropped on them while parked.
  5. bigmistake

    bigmistake's 91 MJ - Project ELi5

    I went to the junkyard this weekend and managed to pull a Dodge Dakota bellhousing for possible future transmission upgrades: While I was there, I saw they had three XJs listed. Here is what two of them looked like: The third was almost in as bad shape, but I could at least get into it. I snagged the visors out of it and finally got some in my truck: Not epic, but slowly making things better!
  6. Success! I lucked out. Someone had pulled the engine before I got there, so all I had to do was unbolt and go!
  7. Pulling at a junkyard. Thanks for the tips!
  8. Hey everyone, I'm going to be pulling a 2.5L Dakota bellhousing and was wondering if there were any tips from others that have done it. I'm guessing it is the same as just pulling the whole transmission (which I have never done before, but from what I have read it is straightforward): remove rear driveshaft, remove crossmember, unbolt bellhousing from engine, remove bellhousing from transmission. Are there any special tools I need or any tips that helped you along the way? I went and started it a week or two ago and had a hard time reaching the bolts to remove the crossmember. I only had an hour, so ended up leaving with the job partially done. Thanks!
  9. The only position I can see labeled on my truck is LOCK. I can take it out in most positions... I wonder if there is just so much slop that it has to be in the perfect spot?
  10. I will pull everything apart again tomorrow. Basically what I did was pull the harness apart, check the power from the truck with everything off - hooked that one to the correct wire on the radio. Then I checked the wire for power when the ignition was turned - verified it was getting power when the key was turned, but off when the key was off. The weird thing was - when turned all the way back to "LOCK" it sent power to it again.
  11. Went through it again. Tested each wire with a multimeter and made sure I had the right ones hooked up to each other... The first couple of key cycles (before doing the radio setup) it turned off when the truck turned off. Then I did the initial setup on the radio (setting clock, etc) and it is doing the previous behavior. Weird!
  12. Hey everyone, I had some time today, so figured I would tackle the stereo the previous owner put in. It is a Pioneer DEH-6810BT. When I pulled the unit from the dash, there were several cut wires, and a lot of them connected to things seemingly at random. I found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR2MO2kwFug and a diagram by Hornbrod: https://comancheclub.com/topic/48362-91-comanche-stereo-harness/ I went about connecting things up as best I could. After getting everything hooked up, I had sound out of both speakers, and the radio turned on. Great! When I turned off the truck, the radio stayed on. Not great! If I don't turn the key all the way to LOCK, I can pop off the face plate and plug it back in and the radio stays off. If I turn it all the way to LOCK, if I do the same thing, the radio turns on as soon as the faceplate is connected. Does this sound like I've got a grounding issue somewhere? Ignition not sending the correct signals to accessories? Or maybe I just botched the whole wiring more than I expected... Anyways, any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks all.
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    bigmistake's 91 MJ - Project ELi5

    Thanks! I'm not going to lie, it has been awesome. I'm loving driving this truck!
  14. bigmistake

    bigmistake's 91 MJ - Project ELi5

    As a follow up - looks like this was the fix! I've been driving the truck daily since Nov 15th with no hiccups. I even took it down to visit family over Thanksgiving and it handled highways great. Now that things are running smoothly, I feel more confident spending some time and money towards more fun upgrades.
  15. bigmistake

    WTB::SWB Topper/Camper::TX