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how many miles on your truck's factory engine?

How many miles on your engine?  

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  1. 1. How many miles on your factory MJ engine?

    • 0-50k
    • 50-100k
    • 100-150k
    • 150-200k
    • 200-250k
    • 250-300k
    • 300k+
    • who knows. I swapped it out.

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Just now, MiNi Beast said:

use it or lose it. :scholar:

well only one way to find out. it's not going to happen the day I hit it it will be when I have time like 2022 just not much over that

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partly playing with the poll feature, partly looking for a graph showing how the stock engines are doing.     multiple choice answering is allowed for guys owning more than one.  If your tr

Well my jeep will joining the 200k plus club once I finish the 4.0 swap. 

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all good. ive been swapping parts on mine for over 10 years now and it sat for a few years. that will never happen again. i believe neglect to be abuse. my poor baby. :sad: :comanche: on the road again. 

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I got 224,000 on mine. Owned it from 154,000. No issues with motor or ba-10 trans. Most reliable truck i've owned so far.




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On 4/14/2019 at 12:29 PM, gogmorgo said:

Well 498,400km on the first 4.0 in my first MJ before I pulled it puts me in the 300+ club, by just. I also added one for the ~270,000km that are now on the engine that replaced it (240,000 of which were accumulated by the XJ it came out of). I've also got 172,000km on the other MJ's original 2.5 when it came out, but it's death was due to neglect from the previous owner. Sometimes when your crusty old radiator is leaking, the fact it quit leaking on you doesn't have much to do with the stop-leak you were pouring in the top as quickly as the coolant was coming out, and more to do with there only being a finite amount of coolant in the system...

My 87 MJ - 154K, My 90 XJ 252K, My 98 XJ 335K

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