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  1. Yes it has electric start.
  2. Nice truck,welcome!
  3. Ok,i might catch some flak,but i replaced my mechanical fan with a 10" slim profile ebay fan. I simply ran a wire from the + power wire on the aux fan,and grounded the new fan on the battery hold down bracket bolt. So i have two fans on one relay,and i did this 7-8 years ago. I live in south carolina,and have not had any cooling issues at all. As long as your radiator is in good shape it works well. Ok flame on!
  4. Aren't they all?
  5. Don't be afraid of these wheels. I got mine 3-4 years ago,and no issues at all.
  6. Yeah i tried the adjuster ,but gave up after 75% of its movement was used. Ordered the front cable after that.
  7. I'm still needing to replace the front cable. I think it stretched due to the rear two being rusted solid.
  8. Just replaced both of my rear cables last week. Part 13 on drivers side was rotted away,and cable was hanging. I just used a couple zip ties to keep it in the clear. Still don't have parking brake function even after a complete rear brake job. No rubbing issues though.
  9. No,but it is built on the fox four chassis,many parts are interchangeable. Foxbody owners use sn95 components as upgrades on their cars.
  10. Look for cracks in the sheet metal under rear seat where the control arms are attached(torque box area) The fox platform was used until 2004,i have a 97,and love it. 94-04 are much improved chassis wise,disc brakes all around,and 5 lug wheels(better selection in the aftermarket). Aftermarket support is great for these years also. The 79-93 are going for premium $ these days,and the later years are still affordable now. Full disclosure, i still want a 86 model myself!
  11. I got 71% too,but I'm a little more than twice your age,good job!
  12. Sure would be nice if someone would reproduce these. I would buy one.
  13. I own one too,it"s a 1987 bw350,the holy grail of yamaha big wheels. It does look good in the bed of my mj(period correct goodness)No pics atm,it's a future restoration project and has been in my family since new.
  14. I have a Mac's aluminum tank it was money well spent as it is very durable compaired to the aftermarket plastic pressure bottles imho.
  15. Thank you,put alot work in on her in the past 10yrs. Just did the speaker box a couple months ago,and found out i'm no carpenter,but the black material hides all! Oh and the jack is from a mitsu montero 2001ish.
  16. I didnt think of the rear panel either,and sourced one,but recovered it in black speaker enclosure material. It looks great!
  17. This! I use the washer fluid with rain-x,and it works well.
  18. here's another pic. If you zoom in you can see the halo headrests. Op-do the buckets!
  19. Thanks! Yes,and i used seat brackets i got from you,and the headrests too. The pic i posted is an older one so the headrests are not current. (all i had on my phone atm)
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