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Feb 2021-Limeyjeeper's Comanche Dawn

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Build Thread-

This is the second Comanche I have restored. The first one is a 1991 Eliminator. Nothing like as complex as this build. I wanted to really build a near show quality example to honor this incredible vehicle. The LS engine just kinda happened, I was originally going to swap everything from my other Comanche. But by chance I found a nearly rust free chassis in Dallas and so the journey began…..




Year/Model – 

Originally a 1989 Jeep Comanche Eliminator 2WD Auto.



Powertrain products Chevrolet L33 LS engine. 315hp, 350 lb-ft torque, LS1 Intake, ARP bolts, Novak headers, custom stainless exhaust with Dynamax muffler. Holley Valve covers, Novak engine mounts, Dirty Dingo low mount AC bracket, Sanden SD7B10 compressor, Corvette alternator drive, Corvette Alternator, New AX15, Lux 10.5” Clutch, Stock XJ clutch master and slave, New AX15 HD, Novak Bellhousing adapter, Novak Universal Trans Mount, Stock Crossmember, New Jeep External Slave bell housing, Core Shifters short throw shifter.  NOS NP242 for 1998 Grand Cherokee, NOS NP242 shifter handle, Novak cable linkage, Front Sleeved HP Dana 30, 3.55 gears, with Detroit TrueTrac Chromoly axles. Rear Dana 44, 3.55 gears with Detroit TrueTrac, Chromoly axles. Tom Woods custom rear driveshaft, Tom Woods stock front Driveshaft, Novak transfer case shifter. Camaro cable Cruise Control. Corvette fuel regulator/filter, AN4/AN6 Fuel lines. GM Charcoal canister and silicone PCV lines.





Novak Radiator, Stock Mopar LHD and RHD Electric fans. 2008 Corvette water pump). OEM Coolant tank. 



PSI Conversions 2002 Camaro 411 PCM and LS harness. Stock Jeep PDC. Custom rear lighting harness, fuel pump harness, cab harness, Heavily modified Jeep Dash harness and engine harness. Dakota Digital VSS signal converter. Rusty’s Battery holder, Optima battery, AcDcWiresuppply TXL cable for harness, EFI Connections LS connectors. Fan control from PCM via PDC relays.




Core 4x4 Adjustable front control arms, adjustable trackbar, ZJ tie rods, OME stabilizer, OME front and rear shocks, OME Front springs, SC Springs Rear Springs. Core 4x4 adjustable shackles. Addco front swaybar, JKS disconnect front swaybar links. Corvette PS Pump, Stock Corvette PS hoses, Redhead steering gear steering box. JCR Spacer. 1991 manual transmission steering column, Borgeson steering shaft.




Stock MJ interior panels repainted charcoal gray, 97+ center console. JCR console bracket. PRP Enduro seats, Floor, and walls dynomatted and dynolinered. Stock Interiors Carpet. SMS. Headliner, NOS Dash, 120mph speedometer, stock eliminator gauges. Digital Guard Dawg PB-1 push button start, Autolite central locking kit, Electric Life electric window kit, Joying 6.5” single Din head unit, Polk Audio D500.5 Amp, Kenwood KSC-SW11 woofer, Front Speakers/Tweeters Morel Maximo 5 ¼” component System, Rear Speakers Morel Maximo Ultra 402 4” 2 way speakers, Ampeak 2000w Inverter. Cobra 18 WX ST II CB Radio. Subaru homelink rearview mirror. 





Dual diaphragm XJ brake booster, Jeep XJ non ABS proportioning valve,, All new lines,, Front Wilwood dual piston calipers, Classic Tube stainless brake lines. Rear brakes Ford Explorer disk brakes, Wilwood rear proportioning valve. 97+ Park Brake with custom center cable. TJ rear brake cables.



Carlits, LED DRL, Afeax 5 x 7 LED headlights, Ford F150 Cargo Light, Bulletproof Diesel cargo light antenna mount, Recon Cargo bed lights. Inspired Engineering 6 Cube LED Flush Mount.



Corvette Inferno Orange metallic paint, 3 base and 4 clear, cut with 2000 grit paper and polished. Underside sprayed with Upol Bedliner. All chassis rails coated in Eastwood’s Chassis paint. Baja Fiber hood with JK Rubicon vents. NOS door mirrors, NOS door handles, NOS door latches. Taoglas shark fin 4 way antenna. Dirtbound Offroad Manta Ray rear bumper. Stock front bumper and caps. 





Wheel & Tires- 

JK 8 x 17 Moab wheels, Powdercoated black and graphite. Spidertrax adapters, Toyo Open County AT3 tires LT245/70/17




Boostwerks Engineering Hidden Winch mount. Warn M8000 winch with remotely mounted control solenoid. Decked storage system. American Truck Covers roller tonneau cover. Yakima LockNLoad platform 60 x 54. Hi Lift and Bracket, Rotopax Fuel and Water containers and brackets. Factory AC Controls. Electric heater control valve. OEM Evaporator and condenser, Custom AC hoses.



Best MJ story- 

I was in Ohio at a rest area in my 91 Eliminator a few years back. It looked really good in those days, freshly painted and polished. A guy walked upto me. He was around 70 years old and told me how he used to work at Jeep and probably helped build my Comanche as he worked on the XJ/MJ line in Toledo in 1990. He then proceeded to chat with me for about 30 minutes about how everybody on the line loved the Comanche and when one came down the line it always got special attention. He had owned one in the day and was amazed to see one in such condition. I think I made his day. He took some pictures and off he went. I often wonder who that guy was. Maybe he is on CC.



CC is Awesome! Why

For anybody who has a Jeep Comanche there is nowhere better to get information from the most incredible group of individuals who have a staggering amount of knowledge about these awesome vehicles. Even after rebuilding two Comanches I am still a neophyte in terms of my knowledge compared to some of the people on here.




Congrats @Limeyjeeper, you definitely built a beautiful truck!

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Good to see this thing getting close to finished. I don't dare let my wife see the whole thread, I am building one for her, know it won't measure up to what you have built. She would ask why I don't do that to hers.

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Awesome build! I am in awe of this build but also am even more impressed knowing this is the 2nd awesome build you have done, well done and well deserved! 



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3 hours ago, olddude said:

Excellent build job, Beautiful truck! Just out of curiosity, any idea how much $$$ you have invested?  

Probably around $40k. $7k axles, LS - L33 Long Block, headers, mounts, accessories $8k, Paint and Body $14k, Trans $2k, Decked $1.5k, Tonneau Cover $2k, Yakima $1k. Wheels and Tires $1k, Brakes $1k. Wasn't my intention to spend this much when I started so I had to sell my LJ to pay for it!!

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On 2/7/2021 at 12:21 PM, Limeyjeeper said:

Probably around $40k. $7k axles, LS - L33 Long Block, headers, mounts, accessories $8k, Paint and Body $14k, Trans $2k, Decked $1.5k, Tonneau Cover $2k, Yakima $1k. Wheels and Tires $1k, Brakes $1k. Wasn't my intention to spend this much when I started so I had to sell my LJ to pay for it!!

That's a metric ton of money! That said, I would have about $30,000 in mine if I had to pay for labor and I just have a stock 4.0.

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9 hours ago, 89 MJ said:

That's a metric ton of money! That said, I would have about $30,000 in mine if I had to pay for labor and I just have a stock 4.0.

I look at some of my friends doing S10's and Camaro's. They drop twice or three times that into a restoration. This is not a cheap game. Good news is that I have a vehicle that should be good for a lot of trouble free miles.

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