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What year(s) are your Comanche(s) past and present

Pete M

What year(s) are your Comanche(s)  

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  1. 1. What year(s) are your Comanche(s)

    • 1986
    • 1987
    • 1988
    • 1989
    • 1990
    • 1991
    • 1992

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since the forum software won't let me let you check a poll option more than once for multiple MJs :fs2: , we'll have to do this the hard way. But don't worry, Correy has promised to do all the work and compile the data. :D In addition to the poll (which is really just there to look cool), please post up with both your current Comanche fleet and then your past Comanche fleet. Original factory options only please.


Please include bed length, 2/4wd, engine, trans type, and trim level. if you're unsure of anything, just put "don't know".



I'll go first.



1986 LB 4wd 2.8L manual base

1988 SB 2wd 4.0L manual Pioneer

1990 SB 4wd 4.0L manual Pioneer

1990 SB 2wd 4.0L manual don't know



1990 SB 2wd 4.0L manual don't know

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88 Pioneer,SWB, 4.0,BA 10, rear slider, carpet( bought "07)



(1st) 88 Sportruck ,SWB,4.0 ,BA 10,full gauges ,4x4 ,skid package ,lcd clock ,delete stripes,tinted windows, rear slider, white spoke rims( I ordered this one new)


(2nd) 89 Pioneer,SWB,4.0,BA 10, Full gauges, AC, Rear slider( bought used '98)

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I've owned all but an '87...



'92 SWB 4.0L AX15 4x4 Sport

'92 SWB 2.5L AX5 2wd Sport (Waiting in the wings from Jeepnut)

'90 LWB 4.0L AX15 4x4 Base

.5 of an '87 LWB 4.0L AW4 2wd Pioneer Metric ton



'91 SWB 4.0L AW4 4x4 Eliminator

'89 SWB 4.0L BA10/5 2wd Pioneer

'89 SWB 2.5L AW4 2wd Pioneer

'88 SWB 4.0L BA10/5 4x4 SporTruck

'86 LWB 2.5L AX5 2wd Base


I am nuts. I could have had one sweet MJ had I just stuck to one. :nuts:

Rob L.

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1989 SB 2WD 2.5 AX15 Pioneer DD

1989 LB 4WD 4.0 AX15 Pioneer

1988 LB 2WD 2.5 AX5 Custom

1988 LB 4WD 4.0 AX5 Custom

1987 LB 2WD 2.5 AX4 Custom

1987 SB 4WD 2.5 AX5 Sport


1989 LB 4WD 4.0 AX15 Laredo

Little brother conned me out of it.

1987 LB 4.0 AW4 4WD Metric

Gave it's parts that others may live.

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Current and only (as I bought them - see my sig for updates):


1988 SWB 4.0L/BA-10/D35 [3.07] 2WD - Base Trim, Dark Blue Exterior/Dark Blue Interior

1990 SWB 4.0L/AW4/D35 [3.55] 2WD - Base Trim, White Exterior/Gray Interior


edit: I forgot this one.Mmy Dad and I bought it for parts, sadly it was too far gone to bring back. It lives on though, if it weren't for this one, neither of my trucks would be where they are today and my Dad's Willy's Pickup project would still be without a front axle - we took every part off of it we could.


1990 LWB 4.0L/AX-15/NP-231/D30/D35 [3.07] 4WD - Pioneer Trim, Light Blue Exterior/Gray Interior

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1989 2wd Pioneer 4.0L 5spd 3.07's Black/Grey bench seat, longbed (lifted it 4", 3.54's, w/31's but kept 2wd)

1988 2wd 4.0L 5spd 3.07's Red/Grey bench seat, shortbed (converted to 4wd, 4.56's, 60 rear, 3" to 7" lift ran 31's to 36's)



1988 2wd 4.0L 5spd 3.07's Grey/Grey bench seat, shortbed (converted to 4wd, 4.56's, 60 rear, 4" to 6" lift 33-36's)

1989 2wd Pioneer 4.0L auto Black/Cordovan bench seat, shortbed (stock for now)








....and you didn't ask, but:

Other Jeeps:


1973 J4000 FSJ Pickup, Custom, 360/4v, T-18 4.10's D60 longbed (ran 31-32's)

1987 XJ 4x4 Laredo 4.0L 5spd 3.07's Grey/Cordovan (lifted 3-4", 3.73's, ran 31-32" tires)

1985 XJ 4x4 Pioneer 2.5L 3spd auto 3.73's Blue/Blue (registered it, but never drove it much)




1996 ZJ, Laredo, 4.0L auto, 3.54's Black/Grey (lifted 2-3" ran 30-32's)

1998 XJ 4x4 Sport 4.0L auto 3.54's Black/Grey (lifted 4-5", ran 31-33" tires)



+ some parts Jeeps.

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