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  1. Very cool , coming a long way now , I dig the 35"s I think they ride better than most of the other sizes I've tried .
  2. Don't think this is quite what the definition of tall is but stretchy pants I can do ... Besides old Chinese wise man say " man who stands too high on toilette ends up drinking muddy water ..." :D Didn't even disconnect the disco's ...
  3. I never did find a set that fit my 92" , I ended up using 95" XJ brackets and modified them ... :dunno: I was told they changed the floor pan design somewhere in those years .
  4. Make sure you specify what year those brackets are coming from , I'm assuming your 92" , if so those will only fit 91-92" MJ's . :smart: I already made that mistake ...
  5. Yep . I'd go with Rob and say snag it up , carpet and glue is cheap but the cardboard in good shape is priceless ... :yes:
  6. The little threads that are welded to the back of the cab have little spin nuts that secure the cardboard to the back of the cab , the carpet is glued to the board and the there is a plastic trim piece covering the top . That screws in with the B pillar molding . Yes they can be made but the plastic piece is MJ specific , might be hard to find a certain color .
  7. I have been restoring vehicles for most of my life , old , scrapped , barely running , no motor , whatever .... Anyone who wants to restore a vehicle should know that it takes lots of money , you might as well buy a brand new car or truck for what it will take to build an old one . I for one , didn't buy my MJ to be out the box reliable , I knew either I could pay 20k plus or put 20k into my truck . I'm about a third of the way there now and the truck is half new . So I'm guessing I'll finish somewhere around 15k . At that time the truck will be completely overhauled from the ground up . I agree with the guy , if he doesn't want all the work and money put in it , go buy something new , it will cost you the same . Its pointless to argue type of vehicle , its how much is put into the restoration of the vehicle . Or how much a vehicle costs , all manufacturers make good vehicles . I believe the inline design of the motor is one of the best designs for any motor so far , so good in fact many manufacturers will continue the production of the 4.0 for years to come . Like Jasper and Hesco , so thats why I chose the MJ . I don't plan on making any money off this truck , vehicles are not good investments at all . But thats why I am a CC member , I dumped 5-6k into a truck thats arguably worth 1500 and falling ....... and I'm happier than a pig in $%$#@
  8. DJM/78

    New dude

    First off , welcome !!! Second , what year is it ? What model ? Do you know anything else about the swap , IE motor year , trans . Never the less I say buy it , sounds like you have the ability to fix it up anyway .
  9. Ahh , makes sense now .... :yes: But you didn't answer my question of if you can fab me those brackets ... :thumbsup:
  10. Looks great ! Yeah , my D44 came out at about 6" with the SOA but you need that rake for departure angle , I've recently found out ...
  11. If you're looking for trouble free , than all factory is the way to go , either find a remanufactured 4.0 HO , or a new Jasper racing 4.0 HO . I've heard allot of good things from people who wheel that motor . The wiring harness on the early HO are primitive enough for even me to figure out , without doing a 97+ swap , thats probably your best bet . Strokers can be a nightmare if they aren't built correctly and in the field they can run hot , around here they have a pretty bad track record , most last about 100k before they need rebuilt again and again . Mostly from what I've seen they are either going to a V8 swap or 4BT .
  12. It looks like there is enough room to slide the tailgate in and out , but I don't know . I'm trying to figure it out myself ... :dunno:
  13. I agree , also before messing with the springs you will need a spring clamp and proper diagnostics of the parts you plan on swapping before you do allot of work . The rear shackle bushings can be a beeaach so a torch can ease them out better than hammering all night long , if you end up doing that . A good jack and some stands and these guys on here is all you need ... :redX:
  14. I think he's worried more about cell phone drivers ... :yes: Trying to save a clean tailgate , cain't blame I'm , but I need the tailgate too much to be usable .
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