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  1. Thanks for the offer, but from what I have seen they have different attaching forms and are shaped different. I found one on eBay and got it coming!
  2. for 87 2.5. Mine broke! will search local wrecking yards but anyone have a serviceable one?
  3. Just loosing contact inside the socket. JB weld reestablished contact and would not let groundwire ever move again!
  4. CONSTANTLY had this happen! Wouldn't blink! Was always the ground wire in the plastic socket/housing! So, one day I got some JB Weld, mixed it up, put it in the hole where the ground wire fits in the socket and guess what! Working always now! YES!!!!
  5. Been 2014 since last time on the Club. Working toward retirement in 2016 caused me to stop posting w/o user and password written down, I forgot, so recently started again under new ones and Pete found my old one for me! THANKS PETE! Anyway in 2014 I was collecting the things I needed to have a 300hp chev 327 in her and would have made a "sleeper" type street rod "streetjeep". But, retirement came into view and along with eliminating all debt I had to abandon the project. Kept on using her the way she was as my almost daily driver. Now, I must sell her. Just not practical in our situ
  6. That would be a help if only intake and wiring appropriate to it. But, with 352,000 and one complete rebuild and then a need to sleeve one cyl, I may want to go with a complete swap. But, why a new instrument cluster? Mine is now gauges, not lights, and has a tach. Don't remember year I got it from.
  7. ... so will any 91 and following 2.5 and all the wiring etc from any jeep work in my 87 comanche 4x2 manual tranny, or should it be only another comanche or a cherokee? :???:
  8. Definitely coat crank and rods also. I coated all engine block parts, including heads, that were not going to be replaced and bagged/boxed all of them.
  9. All the advice given is very good and from "experienced" drivers. I will only add something from being in the minneapolis area where we have had snow storm after snow storm and very little dry roads since November: If you live in an area where they put chemical on the roads and they do it a lot and you want to try to keep your MJ from being eaten alive, at any time its above 25 degrees run it through a car wash that has under body wash! BTW, above 25 days in our area have been rare lately! The first snow we had for this season is still on the ground since it turned cold at the same time an
  10. got an 87 2.5 myself. WELCOME!!!!
  11. I have used "automotivetouchup" for my Olympic White 87, and it matches quite well. Gotta remember the years of exposure of the paint on the car has changed it while probably what we buy would be like the color when new, so will not be a perfect match.
  12. Thanks. That half turn made me fairly sure it was a ujoint and not the gear box also. Guess I start a'lookin for a shaft!
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