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  1. Great score Rob, I know it's in the right hands. Now come get these parts :clapping:
  2. btt for tax time and new season coming up.
  3. I've heard a few bad stories, and there's been a handful of companies with geek on the end that ended up out of business when any warranty issue came around. I think they may change the name and move around to avoid warranty and customer service. I just had a customer complaining about them, got the wrong part, and not responsive.
  4. wow, you gave that stuff away.
  5. jpdocdave

    600k plus miles

    what about the atlas t-case? or the NV3550 I think the main reason not the replace the gauge cluster was so that no one could say anything about the mileage being off. Sorry, that is all I meant by original, so no one can say it's a different cluster. And the original engine was a high point, that's all.
  6. jpdocdave

    600k plus miles

    ^ I would assume that is to keep all the original equipment in place, if it was a replacement cluster it may take away from the whole theme here with the 600k vehicle, since that is where the odometer is.
  7. Last year in the dead cold my dad had an issue with an old mazda truck I gave him for a farm vehicle. Turns out in the extreme cold the oil filter froze up, either moisture from condensation sitting in the filter, or the bypass valve froze open.
  8. I'm a little disapointed, he's got a couple really funny videos I thought were real before, I think that one was staged. These are better: Fds_hupE2vQ 95qZtwJNjxk
  9. I can't imagine having your job right now. You guys gotta be breaking stuff, but I bet there's some cool stuff. I just saw yesterday a Kenosha City truck, the size of a City plow truck, but with no dump bed, and it had a hydraulic snow blower on the front. This snow blower was the size of 2 large cars stacked on top of eachother, it had to be 7ft tall by whatever a dump truck plow blade would be, 10ft? wide. with hydraulic lines going everywhere, and the chute was a few feet taller than the roof of the cab. I want one.
  10. from the youtube comments: that's funny I think it's great if I have to call the dealer for an xj part, they act like you're talking spanish. Even for the later xj's, I say I need something for a 2000 xj, and then they say oh man, that's old, I'll try to look it up. That's pathetic. I had a new grand cherokee in the shop a few years ago, it was probably 2005, and this was 2007. Grand cherokee had 37,000 miles on it, and long story short the gear shifter assembly went bad, it is all electronic, and had to be replaced as an assembly. Cost the customer around $750 with diag, and dealer wouldn't help at all with warranty. No thanks to the new stuff. edit: 2wd jk :doh: may as well buy a sebring.
  11. I modified a winch assembly off a chevy van to work. It was free, so I made it work, in my experience with that you can make any other vehicle that has an actual winch mechanism work. The van part was not even similar to the mj part, but all it has to do is be secured to the truck, and have the hole pointing at the factory spot for the spare tire tools to fit in, and you're good to go.
  12. wow, that is a nice looking truck, I love blue, and that's a good looking blue truck.
  13. wow, that sucks. I was seriously considering buying one, but not any more. You see this happening with a lot of things. Interstate has never failed me, or any of my customers. Imho still the best battery around, and I used to think optima was to, oh well. I've installed hundreds of interstate batteries, and I have warrantied 2 in 10 years. The funny thing is they never fail inside their warranty period, but they've basically figured out how to put a timer on them, because right after that they tend to go bad, but that's 5-7 years depending on the one you buy. I've seen countless autozone and walmart batteries come through that the customer says in a huff, I'll have to take it back to where I got it I just got that last year.
  14. :rotf: This makes me wanna move south. I'm glad this is my day off, because the owner of the shops wants them opened:
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