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  1. I'm 6 foot but i dunno about another 5 inches you might hit ur head on the roof ha
  2. got it sold homo thanks 4 ur help manche club
  3. dents , bobbed pos way, no seat in back anymore was planning on scrapping but id figure i see if anyone wants it on here..lost the doors 160,000 miles 2.8 with a broken pully still runs and drives fine 5spd wheels/tires are nice i can take them off and sell seperate or together, wheels are worth about $500 alone they are American Racing wheels with 31x10.50x15 Toyo Open Country Mud Terrains with pretty much full tread
  4. shoulda hit it at 25mph
  5. I go to school in mukilteo WA and the cops there have nothing better to do then pull me over and b!tch at me for my hazards not working. but i figured it out. the wiring was shorting out on my bed and blowing fuses. just wrap em in plastic and call it good w some new fuses
  6. my hazard/ brake light fuse keeps breaking eveytime i turn the hazards on. :dunno:
  7. well i already got it out but ya the $#!& was like bondo.
  8. the guy that i bought the comanche from put some sticky stuff in the sockets of the bulbs so they wouldnt wiggle out. The sticky stuff worked but now i have none of that sticky stuff and bulbs keep falling out also. what was that sticky $#!&??
  9. thanks i was looking for something like that on the internet but couldnt find it. do you think it would be the haz/stop fuse?
  10. like where is it located on the fuse block? You can't read any of the words on my fuse block.
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    purphaze425 forza3
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