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  1. Silver88

    Just musing

    Jim, you're my idol. :bowdown:
  2. That's funny right there. :clapping: I'd like 1 MJ and one Cherokee.
  3. I just had my e-brake cable replaced, got it from Rock Auto a little while back. The rear cables the installer got.
  4. Ok, it was a bad cell. New Batt installed. thanks for the help guys.
  5. That's what my thinking was( the batt). Thanks guys. That's the direction I will go with. :cheers:
  6. Okay, dropped mj off at the shop for emissions and inspection. Went to start the WJ, nothing but clicking. Figured it was the starter selenoid. Rapped it a few times with a wrench, turned key, turned over but not very convincingly. Cleaned bat. terminals, made sure they were tight, hooked up charger on " start". Turned over a few times slowly before finally starting. Ran for a little while, but then stalled out. Lights and radio all seem okay. Easy fix would be if it was the battery( bad cell?). Or is it something else? It hjas a 4.0 and it's an auto. CPS was changed last year. If I put the charger on set to charge, after a min. the charge complete light comes on. :???: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :bowdown: Shawn
  7. What part of the country you in?
  8. Finally had a day off to go hit the JY. Went to EZ near New Ringold,Pa. Got some stuff I was looking for, only saw 2 manche's there. Talked to a younger Hispanic guy who was looking for parts for his Uncle's MJ. Told him to check the XJ's too, gave him a card to pass along. The highlight of the day, tho, was I grabbed a awesome pair of bucket seats out of a 97 2dr XJ. Very clean, no rips. for all the stuff I got, spent a whopping $39, including the 2 bucks to get in. :banana: Gotta love it. I already have the brackets, so now it's finding the time when I won't need it for a few days, change over the cooling system, new valve cover, maybe do the water pump and alternator while I'm at it. I'm a happy camper. :chillin:
  9. Hey Pete, I'd be up for a pair of SS t-shirts. 2xl A light grey with the dark logo would be nice, but if that isn't in the cards, then 1 each combo.
  10. I'm interested, if it's not too late.
  11. :rotf: That's the funniest story I've seen this year. Thanks a lot, I needed that. :clapping:
  12. Don't feel bad, Don. I'm a Pirates fan. :wall:
  13. I was at work in Coatesville,Pa. Felt a weird vibration in the locomotive( we were standing still at the time). I thought WTF is wrong with this POS now :???: , then it went away. A few hours later someone said " Did you feel the earthquake?" I said " Is that what that was, I just thought the loco was self destructing". :wrench:
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