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  1. Silver88

    Just musing

    Jim, you're my idol. :bowdown:
  2. Silver88

    stick family MJ stickers???

    That's funny right there. :clapping: I'd like 1 MJ and one Cherokee.
  3. Silver88

    cant find replacement E brake

    I just had my e-brake cable replaced, got it from Rock Auto a little while back. The rear cables the installer got.
  4. Silver88

    01 WJ not running, need help!!!!

    Ok, it was a bad cell. New Batt installed. thanks for the help guys.
  5. Silver88

    01 WJ not running, need help!!!!

    That's what my thinking was( the batt). Thanks guys. That's the direction I will go with. :cheers:
  6. Silver88

    01 WJ not running, need help!!!!

    Okay, dropped mj off at the shop for emissions and inspection. Went to start the WJ, nothing but clicking. Figured it was the starter selenoid. Rapped it a few times with a wrench, turned key, turned over but not very convincingly. Cleaned bat. terminals, made sure they were tight, hooked up charger on " start". Turned over a few times slowly before finally starting. Ran for a little while, but then stalled out. Lights and radio all seem okay. Easy fix would be if it was the battery( bad cell?). Or is it something else? It hjas a 4.0 and it's an auto. CPS was changed last year. If I put the charger on set to charge, after a min. the charge complete light comes on. :???: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :bowdown: Shawn
  7. Silver88

    An Age Old Question Answered

  8. Silver88

    Sat. was a good day.

    What part of the country you in?
  9. Silver88

    Sat. was a good day.

    Finally had a day off to go hit the JY. Went to EZ near New Ringold,Pa. Got some stuff I was looking for, only saw 2 manche's there. Talked to a younger Hispanic guy who was looking for parts for his Uncle's MJ. Told him to check the XJ's too, gave him a card to pass along. The highlight of the day, tho, was I grabbed a awesome pair of bucket seats out of a 97 2dr XJ. Very clean, no rips. for all the stuff I got, spent a whopping $39, including the 2 bucks to get in. :banana: Gotta love it. I already have the brackets, so now it's finding the time when I won't need it for a few days, change over the cooling system, new valve cover, maybe do the water pump and alternator while I'm at it. I'm a happy camper. :chillin:
  10. Silver88

    Comanche Club t-shirts poll

    Hey Pete, I'd be up for a pair of SS t-shirts. 2xl A light grey with the dark logo would be nice, but if that isn't in the cards, then 1 each combo.
  11. Silver88

    Comanche club tshirt?

    I'm interested, if it's not too late.
  12. Silver88

    Christmas tequila cake

    :rotf: That's the funniest story I've seen this year. Thanks a lot, I needed that. :clapping:
  13. Silver88

    MLB Playoffs. CRAP!

    Don't feel bad, Don. I'm a Pirates fan. :wall:
  14. Silver88

    East Coast Quake

    I was at work in Coatesville,Pa. Felt a weird vibration in the locomotive( we were standing still at the time). I thought WTF is wrong with this POS now :???: , then it went away. A few hours later someone said " Did you feel the earthquake?" I said " Is that what that was, I just thought the loco was self destructing". :wrench: