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  1. It is probably the same person every time. Put up a wild life motion camera pointing out the back window and check it the next time trash shows up. probly his wife :rotf:
  2. what appears to be a RMS leak can be one or a combination of three seals. 1. valve cover gasket 2. oil filter adapter 3. RMS if you plan on having the RMS replaced I would at least inspect the other two realllly well to make sure they are dry first. I've put new RMS in 3 different jeeps and it each one is dry as a bone now.
  3. I was gonna pm you my number but your inbox is full! , gimme a shout
  4. Unfortunately no, that's why I snapped this one up. Getting tired of pulling the transmission because one o-ring failed. happened this time last year. thanks for the offer guys, I think I have a place to do it at a coworkers house have any of you Wisconsinites ever heard of Midwest Freak-Show? the jeep club? any thoughts/opinions?
  5. I'm on 95th and bluemound rd Found an engine on CL with an external slave ax15 for 400$ going to pick it up today, now just need to find a friendly driveway with an engine hoist to help install
  6. I pulled an a/c setup out of a 95 XJ at the junkyard, got the heaterbox with the evaporator in it got the compressor and condensor swapped all that over for factory r134 air, best repair i ever did on the truck, been ice cold for years now! i would start by putting 12v to the compressor clutch wire to see if the clutch works, and if the compressor is noisy or locked up, don't let it run long without refrigerant though. if that works, i'd try charging it and see what happens :cheers:
  7. my brothers 79 toyota pickup frame was rusted bad enough after its first trip offroad the frame cracked in half lol, had to jack the middle back up and patch it!
  8. Hey all, I've been away from the forum for probably 5 years been playing with motorcycles for a while but I still have the same ol truck, changed a little but mostly just driving it and wheeling it. hope all yall have been well! I've moved to Milwaukee until December and IIRC there are several members in the WI area, I'm in a bit of a bind, lost a piston skirt thursday and i need an engine and some advice on where about milwaukee is the best salvage yard or if anyone has a spare 4.0L around ive got some $$ with your name on it! i'd love to hook up with some local guys and hit the trails!
  9. if its a light tapping it could be just normal 4.0L noise, they aren't exactly known for being quiet also if its more prominent after a cold start-up then goes mostly away it could be cold piston slap which is common and design induced, not a problem.
  10. there shouldn't be any magic to swapping it. perhaps adjusting the shifter might be quirky? but other than that just bolt on in and ride
  11. water in the distributor cap i'd bet pop the cap off and let it air dry or blow it out and it'll pop right off
  12. are you parting it or selling the entire truck? I'm interested in the 00 doors (and how you made the new-style hinge work?) and possibly the B-pillar trim if its in good shape. I'm in gwinnett co.
  13. Oizarod115

    XJ out MJ in

    x2 love the wheel! not usually my style but it fits good!
  14. let me know if you have the plates to go with it, what do you think is fair? $$
  15. ECU do you know if it was automatic trans or manual? my part number is DAMN close but no cigar, if its a manual computer i'll take it & try it.
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