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  1. Thanks guys, i'll check theirs out.
  2. Hey Folks, Looking for a complete battery tray, including the brackets, bolts, hold-down fasteners, top strap, support strap from radiator core support. Shipped to 95073 Let me know what you've got! Thanks, -Nick
  3. Hey y’all, Ive got a lumber rack that was probably custom built to fit a 7ft comanche, fit great on the truck. Sturdy but could use a coat of paint. Free to a member with local pickup!
  4. Hah meet up in Moab this fall?
  5. Does the paint finish in this image look like a respray to y'all? Did pioneers actually come with full on dummy clusters? I thought they were pretty well optioned.
  6. k, I'll PM, probably just take the belts.
  7. @eaglescout526 Hey, I'm interested in the radio and navy blue bench belts. Do you have the connector for the back of the radio?
  8. @SVPetea member was going to check while at the JY today, I'll PM if he doenst find one, Thanks!
  9. Looking for a drivers side manual crank window regulator. can't seem to find one locally or new aftermarket. Pretty sure anything 87-95 will work. thanks in advance,
  10. I got alot of that from car-part.com JYs, they'd respond to the first call and then drop off the face of the earth?
  11. I'm in need of a blue drivers side seatbelt buckle. let me know what you've got! Thanks, -Nick
  12. thanks all, I actually found mine in the bed of the truck while cleaning it out... DOH!! didnt even know I had one since I got the truck in pieces!
  13. I'm in need of a tag light harness to get my truck inspected and back on the road. Just realized it was missing! Anyone have one? It goes from two barrel plugs just under the tailgate along the bumper and has the little housings for bulbs that twist into the lenses on the bumper. Thanks!!
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