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  1. I had a 72 Chevy P/U running on propane. It had over 300,000 mils on it when I sold it. For a clean burning engine it can't be beat. To help with the higher octane raising the c/r will help There is no way t raise the c/r. except by milling thr head or installing new pistons.
  2. They will offer whatever the public wants, or will buy. I still prefer the old one seat truck.
  3. H0pe everybody is fine.
  4. Ran a ad for a couple Jeep parts I had. A fella came buy and we talked. When he left I was out of the Jeep business. Sold him all 3 of my MJ'S and so far he has loaded 6 PU P/U loads of parts and still got a cupple more. Sorry to see it happen but,,,,,,,
  5. I own it. Been thinking about raising the tourist rates.
  6. Anybody got a can opener I can borrow?
  7. Got a 86 waitin for ya. Just waiting to see what yer gonna do with it.
  8. That's ridicoulus. I.n cleaning the yard out and I gave a 90 MJ away for $100 bucks. No Rust. He had to bring his own batteryy
  9. Asked the wife if I could borrow her bike. She said yes untilI showed her what i was going to do with it. She said sumthin like &*+@# .
  10. The grill is OK. It's the rest of the Jeep is up-side -down.
  11. Don't know if the major news has it covered but we got a fire goin down here. Ha d a neighbor used our pasture for his horses but know he's moving them and so am I. Smoke was so bad last nite but the wind has kind s cleared it today. The intire town of Buelah was evacuated last nite and the smoke is so thick around here.we may be next. Boy, if it ain't one thing it's another.
  12. jimoshel


    GEE! I just grab a bucket and go behind the office. There's a 55 gal drum that I always fill up from.
  13. Back in the 70's I had a garage and service station. When I sold them the new guy didn't want any of my inventory. 'I'm still trying to sell some of the old inventory.
  14. Does anybody know what the Champion RV17YC fits? I have it beside the regular plug but everybody says no. Trying to put it into a 76 171. The plug is identical but there's no thing to say it will fit.
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