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Great Lakes intro's


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Hi, I'm Correy. I'm from Marshall. That's in Wisconsin. I like Jeeps. I have three Jeeps. They're pretty. One's red. One's blue. One's red. They're loud. I don't know what mufflers are. I have a problem. My Jeeps take all my money. But it's ok. I like my Jeeps. They make me happy. I'm Correy.

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Brent - I originally hail from Reed City MI - thats about an hour north of Grand Rapids on 131...


I recently graduated college and I will be starting my full-time job in Madison WI on June 1st, Looks like I am gonna be a cheesehead too.

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Hi Guys, Richard from Eau Claire, WI.


I've been told there's help for this jeepaholic illness. My doctor wrote me a prescription for 2 Zuks and a Yota. I threw it on the ground and walked out. If that's what it takes to cure me, I don't want help.

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