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  1. I used to frequent this site a few years ago but life got in the way. In another post, I mentioned I was restoring old Datsuns. Neohic asked for pics along with any updates on my '87. So assuming I know how to upload pics, here it goes: I liked 240Z cars since I was 15. I bought a '73 as my first car. I later sold it. In the mid 80's I bought a second one and kept it for a couple of years. I traded it in on a new '87 Comanche Chief for my wife's daily driver. About 6 years ago, I bought a '71. It has about 60k original miles on it and is in very good condition. These cars don't
  2. I would gladly mod a truck that wasnt in great shape but not one like this. I don't understand what possesses people to hack them up. These trucks are a very rare find when in good condition. So many people who get lucky enough to find one in mint shape run to home depot for a saws-all and start cutting it up. That truck looked like it was in great shape but not any more. I am in the middle of restoring an old classic car. The hip thing to do to these old cars (Datsuns) is to cut the fenders and install flairs and/or do an engine swap. It sends the value down the toilet. :(
  3. I wanted to explain and document what went wrong with my clutch. But first a little background. It is an '87 with factory everything including the transmission. The truck is stored in a climate controlled building and is driven under 500 miles per year. It is stored in the winter. The last time I drove it was late July 2019. 90k original miles. I started it up early this summer and I felt tension in the clutch then something let loose. No pressure at all so I couldn't put it in gear. I checked all the recommendations above. A week ago, I pushed it
  4. I didn't know AX15 could also have an internal slave. I assumed it was such a bad idea that Peugeot invented the concept. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I will start keeping an eye out for one. I really need to drive this poor MJ a bit otherwise, it will sit for an entire summer.
  5. Check the fuse block for fluid? Oh no. I hope not. I won't see the truck until at least this weekend. I don't keep it at the house. I hear you regarding your broken record comment. My truck has 87k miles. It was my wife's daily driver for most of those 87k miles. My dad owned it for about 10k of them. I know what the drivetrain has gone through and it has had a very easy life. If I go to a JY and get an XJ AX15, I have no idea if that transmission has been thrashed or not. Plus I have no idea how long that thing has been sitting there in the weeds. Would you sti
  6. hmm. I couldn't see where the linkage connected to the master. I assumed it was buried but if that isn't the case, I need to circle back and double check that. It would be nice if the linkage went out. The master had plenty of fluid in it. But last fall, I noticed fluid dripping on my concrete floor. I assumed it was the rear main leaking but now I am wondering if it was the slave.
  7. No. The clutch doesn't engage. The pedal feels very soft as if it isn't moving anything. On my Datsun, I can look at the back side of the pedal and see what it is moving. On the Comanche, its not that easy. :)
  8. Hi everyone, I have an '87 4.0 Comanche that I bought new back in the day. I store it in a climate controlled garage during the winters. When I started it up this spring, I felt something in the clutch pedal give that felt like the spring broke. It still has its original Peugeot transmission and last fall, it ran and shifted like new. I know the history of the Peugeot transmission but I also know the history of the truck (plus I am rebuilding an old sports car in my free time). I really don't have plans to swap the transmission. On my old sports car, the spring is starin
  9. I THINK I qualify. I'm the original owner. I bought my 1987 chief from a Fort Wayne Dealership who traded it from a Jeep dealer in Albion Indiana. Then I sold it back in '93 to my dad and bought it back about 10 years ago. I originally bought it new mid summer '87 if I recall correctly. The little 100lbs wife was set on a wrangler as her daily driver until she saw the comanche. I think it has around 86k miles on it now. https://comancheclub.com/topic/20543-comanche-of-the-month-mar-2010-glundblads-1987/
  10. I couldn't agree more. I remember when I bought my '87 off the showroom. It was my wife's daily driver for about 10 years. You get to know a truck pretty well when you have owned it for 10 years. Then I sold it to my father. He had it for 10 years IIRC and put about 10k miles on it. When I bought it back, it ran ok but not great. It just sounded different and didn't idle smooth. I took it to the shop several times. The last time I took it, the truck started up and sounded like it did in '87. It took me all of 10 seconds to figure out that they fixed it. It was a cheap sensor that ne
  11. I'm with you. Most everything built after 1985 or so look like clones of each other. To me a Ferrari looks like a Lamborghini looks like a Maserati. I like stuff that you know immediately what it is, like this Shelby 427. Ah, the Shelby. Nothing beats a massive souped up muscle car engine on a go cart frame. That's a car.
  12. I must be getting old. The lines on new exotic cars just don't do it for me. They all look alike. Some even look like a Hyundai to me.
  13. It has been my experience that when you are hit by another driver, that body shop you hired no longer works for you. The work he performs and the quality of the end result are in the hands of the other person's insurance. Very frustrating. Look at it this way. At least you didn't get hit by someone with "Progressive Insurance". You have not lived until that happens.
  14. Hi, I have a 1971 car that I bought about a year ago. The previous owner bought the car from the original owner. I would like to find the previous/original owner. I realize carfax doesn't go back to the beginning of time but I need to go back only to about 2000-2004 for a 1971 car. The original owners owned the car for over 30 years. Would Carfax reveal the owner during that period? Thanks
  15. The best way I can describe the OME shocks is that it makes the suspension feel a little more modern. It still drives like a truck not a rough old one like it did (even when new btw). My suspension feels great now except the gearing in that stupid factory steering box ...
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