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  1. That is the exact style I am looking for. How much would you want, shipped to 43302?
  2. Just wanted to add my 2 cents. A trick when putting them in is to use some silicone. Clean the wheel opening up real well, add a couple dabs to the cap, and snap it in. Wipe off any excess. Won't lose one ever again but still easy enough to remove when needed. Have done this for years ever since my cousin who worked for AMC told me about doing this at the dealer he worked at.
  3. I can't find one of these things anywhere, use to come across them all the time. Probably have one somewhere in my basement but it eludes me. I've seen several of the Wagoneer style ones for sale on ebay and such, and yes there is currently a set of badges for an XJ Wagoneer that include what I want, but I'm not paying that and don't need all the other badges. Thing doesn't need to be perfect, I'll be repainting it anyways. Just can't be a bent up mess. Only need one. LMK what you got and how much, shipped to 43302. Thanks!
  4. I have no means of producing a reproduction myself, but I'd be glad to provide the png or vector to someone that can. They would need dimensions of the decals though to truly reproduce it. Since I am MJ-less still, I am planning on modifying it to fit my application since I'm swapping out the crappy 247 for a 242 in my WJ very soon. I'll be using the example Cruiser provided since it's wider and keeps each description on one line.
  5. Cruiser, coming through just like old times!
  6. Anyone around here able to grab a good clean pic of that for me? I can't find any doing searches online. I can still buy Command-Trac stickers, but not Selec-Trac. So if I can get a good pic, I'm just going to make my own. Thanks!
  7. I've got some custom made steel tube sidesteps in my collection of parts that I'm looking to get rid of. I don't see me ending up with another MJ for the foreseeable future so might as well let them go to someone who will use them. They are unpainted and covered in surface rust, no clue what I should ask for them. So I'll say $20 if you come get them?
  8. That is one really nice truck, hard to let go something with so much time put into. It may not be the exact setup I'd like, but I would grab this in a heartbeat if I didn't have the WJ taking up garage space. Good luck man. :cheers:
  9. Just curious since I've never heard these called this before, but I'm taking this is what stops the door from opening too far? If so, since these tend to break, could a "solution" be to add something like the Wranglers had/have? Just a strap that hooks from body to door that prevents it from swinging open? Of course the door still wouldn't hold it's position, but that's not something I'd be worried about. Just wouldn't want it to swing too wide.
  10. comancheclub.com Those are 31's, forget the lift size that thing had. Maybe Rob or someone else will chime in, don't feel like digging. I think it was only like 2/2.5" though. That's my personal favorite for stance if you're not going to go off-road really.
  11. One I'm looking at buying has some diamond plates like those along the top of the rails, no clue what they did for them but they look good.
  12. lol I haven't pulled the trigger and highly unlikely that I will. Family is pestering me to do so because they think it potentially lasting until fall and the shape it's in otherwise, is a better option then owing my father three times the money by taking his '00 Exploder and having it throw a timing chain in a month like they are known for. Nah, I'm just spouting out my frustration. I'm still scouring the internet and local sources hoping something bulletproof will pop up. What I need to do is go live with my uncle in AZ for a month and find something cheap out there and drive it home. If only...
  13. I was waiting to make sure everything was squared away with both trucks before reporting back, or was just going to let this topic fade away since there wasn't a ton of real interest around here. I've also been pretty busy/just feeling down lately. The two guys above from NAXJA took them off my hands. Emptypockets came and got the '86 a few weeks back and took it back to Illinois to basically strip it. Altrocker1 is picking up the '88 on Wednesday and taking it back to New York where it sounds like it'll have a good home. I still have a bunch of parts I might be tossing up for sale this summer, or I might hold onto them all. I'm already looking at a '98 ZJ V8 that popped up down the road from me, but it's in need of a transmission rebuild since it's slipping and the VC is shot in the TC. If I can get it for dirt cheap I'll just swap in a 242 maybe and hope the tranny lasts until fall at least.
  14. They're very close to '98 Grand Cherokee seats, but the back is off a bit.
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