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  1. 4.5 up front and 4 in back. Trying to figure out tire size. This is a pavement princess any opinions much appreciated.
  2. Naval jelly on the rust overnight than sand and clean, than just a rust oleum primer should do the trick.
  3. Yes sir. I searched it to. I think it's legit and I won't be able to sleep tonight.
  4. It is complete, think 4.10 came on 2.5 litre. No haggling done yet and still not in my possession. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  5. I found an original. They want 550$ is that a good price. Thanks in advance. Gonna buy it either way, still haven't started haggling.
  6. 4.0 looks better in an mj either way, so do it
  7. Has anyone done this and does it work. I want to keep my 88 door panels and manual Windows but want a 97+ door. Any thoughts.
  8. Nice, I made a purchase for my rear, went with the rustys 3in pack, gonna see how it looks and determine what to do with the front.
  9. Thanks, no mj d44's in Chicago junk yards. It's back to the drawing board.
  10. Summertime cruiser, no mud or trails. Truck is rear wheel drive but I want at least 31s
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