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  1. Man, such a great looking truck.. congratulations! You'll enjoy it for a long time! Really cool! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. rosco11

    1989 jeep comanche

    I like that color with the stripes.. i almost bought one like that with a roll bar.. really cool truck Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Just sharing if anyone wants to scoop this up https://www.facebook.com/groups/341484192538182/permalink/2159853007367949/?sale_post_id=2159853007367949 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Got to work on the truck a little yesterday, well until the Texans Preseason game came on! Passenger rear axle had a bad bearing and marred the surface.. found this shaft at a JY in good shape but with some surface corrosion. Hit it with the wire brush wheel and it cleaned up real nice. Gave it a coat of oil and put it back in. My brother helped me clean up the diff cover bolts, they look brand new! We tried the lubelocker gasket, it's really simple and hopefully worth the extra money. Primed and painted the diff cover.. I'll get another final pic next time i get to work on it. Was supposed to be today but i got sick last night and didnt feel tip top today, so a day in the sun prolly would have been too much!
  5. rosco11

    Random 87 parts and bed in Sandy Level, Virginia

    Would you sell the bucket seat mounts?
  6. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Worked on the rear end this weekend and made some good progress. My brother stepped up big, helping me rebuild calipers for the ford 8.8, changed wheel bearings and seals and then... he smoked some amazing pork ribs! All the while i was a machine.. grinding rust from the spring packs, then clean and then paint.. over and over again. It was brutal hot and humid but we got em all done and painted. here's a few pics from Sat and Sunday.. Next up: need hardware for the spring pack Gear oil and friction modifier Mock up the axle and tack on the spring perches
  7. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    That sounds like a deal... Thanks WahooSteeler!
  8. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Big fan.. i really like the willet rye and the EHT.. they are different from each other in flavor for sure. I don't like some of the other ryes but those two are really good. Thanks for the compliments man! It's taken some hunting to get a few of those and i have a few others in the pantry that are special occasion stuff too!
  9. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Great day working in the Texas heat.. we fought and won against the spring bolts, removed the axle, sand blasted then painted the gas tank straps and emergency brake bracket. Now capping off with a great bourbon!
  10. Great jeep truck bud! Did you try the rear wheels without spacers on the 8.8? Or was it a given you were going to use them? I'm about to install my 8.8, hopefully this weekend
  11. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Thanks man.. I'll check it out. I was at TSC yesterday for other stuff.. didnt know they had something like this
  12. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Had some time this evening and put a coat of paint on the rear frame.. even got my mom to jump in and help! Trudie's a painting supa star!
  13. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Thanks Jeep D! We put in a heck of a weekend of hard work. I really appreciate the comment!
  14. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Not too bad at all, just roll the window down, look for the clips inside the window crease and use pliers/flat head screwdriver to grab or pry them up carefully.. and the new just snap back in the same location, i used a poly deadblow hammer to tap them all the way down into place.
  15. rosco11

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    What a weekend working on the Comanche! We did so much prep, had snags and issues along the way with equipment or running out of abrasive media and many other things. However we kicked butt on the moderate rust removal and prevention! We used a 40lb pressure blaster with 2 compressors T'd together, black diamond coal slag media, Texas July heat, humidity and rain is perfect for long sleeves covered by a dust suit and blasting hood. Nnnnt! The hood was terrible so i upgraded to a carhartt heavy shirt wrapped around my head. My brother and i blasted about 80% off and we ran out of media. Total hack job with newbies running the blaster.. self admitted..lol! It worked pretty good though! We brought it back into the garage and continued with an array of wire wheels. We prepped for paint and had this weird gunk that rose to the surface of the metal, alcohol in a spray bottle and a rag would kinda get it off, i went to grab another spray bottle and found one that had white vinegar in it, i tried that and that gunk just wiped of smooth.. then we're noticed the frame was turning gold.. it was the weirdest thing. I quickly made a spray bottle of baking soda and water and doused it with that to neutralize. Then we hand washed with soap and water and then pressure washed.. it got some of the gold off but it was on there big time so we alcoholed again and started painting. We used rustoleum pro rusty metal primer. That stuff is awesome! Check out some of the pics below!