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  1. i got a bunch email me kk02108@gmail.com and ill check for ya
  2. i have one email me for pics and price kk02108@gmail.com
  3. i sold the tan one i had this weekend though but ill look for another.....i have a newer style Cherokee center console if ur interested in that then ull have cup holders lol
  4. i might have one email me kk02108@gmail.com and remind me on there i check my email more often then cc ill look tomm for ya
  5. i have a full set of blue plastics on ebay right now under kkilmer87 go take a look i would remove listing and make u a package deal
  6. i have multiple pairs of tailights all with minor damage to the mounting points but not to the lenses 100 a set shipped also have a great pair of vent windows with the pivot rod not rotted out and still functional 150$ shipped i have many many many more parts big small common to rare follow me on my ebay at kkilmer87 or email me with needs kk02108@gmail.com i buy, restore,sell and part out xjs and mjs everyweek if i don't have it i can get it i take paypal and ship anywhere in us and canada thanks kodys parts emporium
  7. i have one or can get one email me kk02108@gmail.com
  8. Kkilmer87

    Bench seat

    I'm in connecticut and i got a few benches for sale i believe i have blue and grey left only ill have to look email me kk02108@gmail.com
  9. email me for pics and info i can ship most of it just not the dash or seats if you local and can pic up we can make a deal kk02108@gmail.com
  10. i have a full interior for sale what is you location?
  11. theres a relay that velcros under the lower dash did you replace that thats usually the problem......if not i got all the part you need and i accept paypal and ship fast email me if you need anything kk02108@gmail.com
  12. i got one 35 shipped i take paypal and ship same day
  13. email me i got what you need kk02108@gmail.com i specialize in xj mj parts and accept paypal and ship quick
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