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  1. I would look into getting an 8.8 with 3.73 gears. Then you get better highway gears and a stronger rear end.
  2. There is a car show that weekend near my house if you want to meet there...
  3. The trans is NOT an AX15. The AX15 came behind 4.0s in the later half of 89. I’m not sure about the crossmember, but I doubt you’ll need a new one if you will go with another AX5. You will need the driveshafts too. You could probably do this , but easy is a relative term. If you have a lot of experience (it sounds like you do), then yes, it would be easy.
  4. I think Wifey is wrong. But as they say, happy wife means happy life! I feel like this should be over in Epic Tech...
  5. Thank you! My family had a YJ that color a couple of years ago, but it got too rusty so we did an engine swap into a nicer white YJ, which eventually became this one:
  6. Paint!!! Need I say more? It is Brilliant Blue Pearlcoat. Used by Chrysler from 94-97. My mom and little brother posed in this picture. This just has my brother.
  7. I am located in La Crosse. It would be on the 21st of September.
  8. It looks pretty nice underneath.
  9. Make a build thread for that XJ in the Other cool stuff section please!!
  10. I believe Krustyballer makes new ones. His ad is on the Vendors section of the classifieds.
  11. Is there any interest in a Meet and Greet in southwest Wisconsin in mid September?
  12. I might have the XJ parts. Is it the same for a 97?
  13. 89 MJ

    Factory MJ colors

    Thanks guys. I got my color picked out.
  14. Could I get something posted here will all of the factory MJ colors from all the years of production? Thanks
  15. 89 MJ

    Universal joints

    Spicer is good from the times I’ve used them.
  16. To be clear, this truck is NOT getting a 97+ front end swap. The front fenders were trimmed for my new front bumper.
  17. Got sealer on doors and fenders today. Painting them tomorrow.
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