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Comanche of the month, Sep 2010 --- WILDMAN'S alloftheabove

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This month we have a very special tribute jamminz.gif to a member :D who has played a big role in MJ preservation :yes: . We all know him :idea: , most have gotten parts from him :oops: , and most know exactly whos post we are reading just by certain cues... :rotf:


If you haven't figured it out by now... :roll:












MJ of the Month at Comanche Club ??? Me!!! ………. :eek:


Wow, I feel honored to be nominated for the prestigious wall of fame…… :yes:


But, how do I explain the MJ’s that I have????


None of my MJ’s are show room condition. None of my MJ’s run a dirt track, or climb mountains, or go off road. None of my MJ’s are totally restored to original condition.


I guessed the only thought I have is that I have so many MJ’s

So, I went for Quantity, not Quality in the MJ “hobby”


How did all this start………


About 8 and half years ago, one of my old neighbors’ who had a ’89 MJ he bought from a co-worker, called me one day and asked if I wanted to buy it from him, so I thought about it, and thinking it would come handy to run around town, and not use my full size van for everything, I ended up buying it, and well, like they say…….the rest is history


This first MJ (The start of everything) was a ’89 2wd, 2.5, 5speed, black Sportruck. Nothing special, straight stock.


Sorry that I don’t have any pictures of that first MJ


So, after bopping around town with it a couple years, a friend of mine want to get a plow truck for the winter, so he ended up with a ’88 XJ, and needed to find a plow for it, and luck would have it that he found a ’88 MJ with a Snoway plow set-up, we bought the whole truck for $500, and I gave him $250 for the truck, and he kept the plow, and I ended up helping him mount the plow on the XJ. He plowed that year, and I did some work on the MJ and got that on the road.


Now I had 2 MJ’s :D


The following year he didn’t want to plow anymore (one year was enough for him) and wanted to sell the XJ. He offered me the plow for $50, so I bought that back and mounted it back on the MJ that it came on.


Shortly after that, I was pulling out of a job one afternoon, and seen a MJ in front of a house for sale, I stopped and called the guy, and it turns out he just put it out there about a half hour before I called, so we negotiated on a price ($500) and I bought that one.


Now I had 3 MJ’s :D


No, I’m not going into a story with every single MJ……


The first MJ I had was getting really rotted out, the box was missing more sheet metal than it use to have, and the frame was rotting so bad, I couldn’t get it inspected.


So, on the 3rd MJ, I tore into it and started to repair all the little things, that turned in to bigger items, and ended up getting it all re-built mechanically, from clutch to brakes, to re-building the cooling system……..and after several weeks and about $1200 pumped into it, I felt it was a good ride, and safe to go any where’s I needed to go, and over the past 6 years, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with it


Of course, by that time, I was no longer a lurker on the CC and now an “active” member :bowdown:


And the long time members here shot me a lot of info about what “hobby” I had, and where to get parts and what would work, and also sending along links that I could figure out problems on my own :hmm:


This is one thing that I always have done since, was to pass along to others what I have learned, and where to find parts and what would work to solve a problem.


Have I ever wrenched professionally, NO, but for the past 30 plus years, I’ve always worked on my own vehicles, not only to save $$$ at the repair shop, but to also get it repaired correctly after some earlier bad experiences from garages :roll:


Well……..the rest is history, from 3 MJ’s I started to check out all the local papers, and Craigslist, always on the lookout for more MJ’s


I had the MJ bug bite :banana:


An e-bay buy was #4, from Lancaster,PA


A former participating member on here sold me #5 and #6 (a parts MJ)



Another member here was #7 from York, PA



Finds on Craigslist were #8 and #9




Now I’m running out of room to store all these MJ’s So, I found a bigger shop with plenty of outside storage and moved all the MJ’s from the back yard from the apartment that I rent, and from the other small rented shop, and consolidated the fleet to one location, and expanded to collecting XJ’s too




Also, buy this time, I started to get rid of the truly rotted out MJ’s by dissecting them, and saving all the parts for both my projects, and for other members. To date, I’ve “salvaged” 3 ½ MJ’s and 2 XJ’s plus additional parts I’ve picked up along the way from other members, and thru e-bay auctions, and adds on Craigslist. I look for the hard to find Renix parts for our MJ’s


Then I ‘had’ to buy MJ #10 from a member that didn’t finish his project :(



Another Craigslist find was MJ #11



Then another member here wanted to get rid of his MJ from Ohio, that Made MJ #12


After some rest, and no more MJ’s to find around here, I stumbled a pond 3 - 1990’s in a row –



MJ #14 –



MJ #15 –



And of course…….just had to find this one…….

MJ #16 –



And last and one of the best finds yet, was a member that was selling his 1991 MJ, that was a 10 hour drive (one way) and got to love them southern trucks



Have I forgot some………maybe :dunno:


This has been quite a challenge over the past several years

I’ve still on the search for the very hard to find 1992 Model year, seen a couple, one is less than a mile from my house, but the young feller wouldn’t sell :headpop:


My quest for MJ’s will not be over until a ’92 is sitting among the fleet :yes:


Do some think I’m craze :nuts: or “obsessed” over this……….Yea :help:


But………It’s a hobby and it’s a Jeep thing :yes:


To date, I have 13-1/2 MJ’s one is in the process of being dissected for parts. One on the road, 3 others that start and run, and the rest…….Future Projects. :shake:


Best MJ Story


I have had many great experiences and stories with the MJ’s both how I found them, people calling me and telling me about one they seen for sale and such.


I think the greatest stories are the ones where I’ve meet other club members buying their MJ or meeting them to swap parts.


My over all story is all the MJ’s I’ve collected above.


What owner Loves Best About CC


The best thing I like about being a member of the CC is the camaraderie among other members.


There is never any finger pointing, or totally outrages insults tossed around like in other forums. :no:


Yes, there is some poking fun at here and there, but all in fun.


The level of experience among other members brings a well balance forum together, both in the well experienced members, and with the green horn members.


If an experienced member posts an incorrect fact, he’s correct. If a newbie posted a common asked question, or not quite correct term, he’s lead to the source for clarification.


It’s nice when I get time, and lately that’s not much, to come home after a tough day, and sit back and read the forum, toss some advice out, or post up a link to the info, and at times it’s a brain buster to think of the correct response.


Also, just to sit back read the Pub and see what others are doing around the country, and even Canada :waving:


Maybe it the amount of traffic that’s on this forum that keeps things in more prospective of what we all have in common…….the Comanche. jamminz.gif


Or maybe it’s the iron fist rules that Pete keep enforced that keep things in line. :bowdown:


I lurked on this forum for over a year before I became a member, just to see what the outline was, and sorry that I didn’t join sooner than when I did. Now, it’s the only forum that I make time to follow, and plan on that for the future. :D


A Big Thanks goes out to the Moderators for keeping the pieces together, and to Pete M for keeping this forum up and around :thumbsup:


And Thanks for the notation for MJOTM



When the day job slow down again (November) I should get some free time to partake some more. Until them, it’s long days and short night to make $$$ to support my MJ fix :ack:








Bob, let me be the first to congratulate you on the MJOTM. Not only do you provide a great source of info, but you are more than willing to help out a fellow MJ'er in need when they need that hard to find MJ part, or the last piece of their masterpiece. You aren't shy to pull out one of the fleet, pick a part, and ship it out. I also have to say kudos for saving a bunch of MJ's that would have otherwise met an unfortunate fate. (I mean, some of those things can't even support a rear flare :eek: ) All in all, a pleasure to share the board with you brother, and I hope you find that '92 you are still hungry for. ;)


Congrats again Bob. image_209027.gif :clapping: :yes: jamminz.gif :brows: :D :waving: :thumbsup:


Rob L. :cheers:

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Bob; long overdue CONGRATS!


You are the true anointed MJ Savior mate. :bowdown: All the MJs you have acquired throughout the years were nominated as MJsOTM as a group. All are worthy as you have saved them from the crusher and will pass their innards on to needy club members to make their rigs future award winners, or more importantly, to keep them rolling. :D Also the back channel conversations we have occasionally I truly enjoy. That reminds me: where is my dayem part!


Got to rag you mate - wouldn't be right if I didn't. You the man. :cheers:

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Where's Bob? :dunno:


He's been really really busy... It took him everything in his power to get this out to me on time, and the only reason he did was because I think he couldn't start a job until later on, and had a free second to sit and write it up.


Rob L.

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