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  1. I think that the D44 front axle under the JL Wrangler Rubicon is a true D44 and not a "hybrid" like what was under the TJ.
  2. Well he is firm at 1200 and it has issues such as a push button start and a $299 spray it all paint job. I passed.
  3. Still can’t get in touch with the seller again
  4. I just checked rockauto. Almost everything is still available
  5. There’s the rub: they want $1200
  6. I will try to get the VIN. It is a base and has little to no options
  7. Putt around town. Maybe a budget lift and 30’s. It is very stock
  8. I am thinking of buying an ‘84 XJ 2dr 2.5L 4-spd 4x4. The body is in good shape for around here but it has 180,000 on it. Besides the miles my concern is the one-year only nature of the ‘84. It seems it has a lot of exclusive items like the one-barrel carb. The main negative is that the door seals leak badly and the floors are damp but not rusted through yet. Thoughts?
  9. Incommando

    pucker factor

    My daughter got bit on the shin by a brown recluse Christmas Eve. By the time it was said and done 4 months later it looks like she got shot.
  10. People crack on minivans but the design is undeniably fit for hauling people and stuff.
  11. The towing package could also come with the D44 some years. Maybe there was a stand-alone HD axle package as well??
  12. Thanks guys! I bought and it is quick for a minivan. I am looking forward to trolling riced out Hondas.... lol
  13. I am going to pull the trigger today. MSRP $31,890 and I got it for $25,934 out the door. I may add an extended warranty due to Jeep Driver’s comment.
  14. Looking at a new Grand Caravan as I can get a loaded one for 23k. They are still cranking them out. Anyone with info about problems with these?
  15. Another place making their profit off of their shipping I see
  16. Order up some “anti-wrap” spring perches from Barnes4wd or RuffStuff and ease your SOA worries. You have to buy new perches anyway.
  17. ‘80-up are driver’s drop. Only manual tranny FSJ’s got locking hubs: the automatic trucks used self locking hubs. Wrong bolt pattern. Too wide . most likely you will have to re-gear. It can be swapped b converting the truck to leafs or the axle to coils but is it your best bang for the buck?
  18. If you get it you will find the experts at www.ifsja.org
  19. Barnes4x4 & Ruffstuff bith have a ton of 4-link builder’s parts
  20. I am just tired of expending U.S. lives and tax dollars playing “world police.” Let someone else do it for a few decades. As to expanding the conflict: I would not be surprised at a token cyber attack by Russia but I do not expect much past that.
  21. Yeah it is the manny tranny wth the issue
  22. I have a ‘15 and I have to agree that they have fixed many of the early problems. The 3.6 is still less then peppy and the 6-speed NSG370 is pure junk, though. The popping out of first is a known issue but I am having trouble getting it fixed under warranty.
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