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Snow Covered Mountains and Ice Covered Trees

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A call for winter pictures of snow covered mountains and ice covered trees from those of you that live in areas of winter beauty.  Feel good pictures at a time of viral and political pandemics.  I will start off with a post to another thread by the esteemed gentleman from Washington state.


Photo by Rylee144


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There's one spot up in western PA on the route we travel that is absolutely picture-postcard perfect when it snows.  Only problem is that it's on the side of a mountain and you're so busy trying not to die driving to try to get a picture:laugh:

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9 hours ago, MiNi Beast said:









Is that the real Sasquatch? Surprised the dogs didn't bite it and run. Handsome face for the Canadian snow monster though.


Are the dogs in training to be lead dogs?

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thats is my MJ as a pup. She is a service dog for me. it was part of her training to be able to pull me out of a sticky situation. She doesn't pull a sled but does carry a trail pack when we are gone off in the deep woods. Maremma is her breed, livestock guardian dog in her blood from a alpaca farm in Rock, MI. I am her livestock. :grinyes:  

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