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*** COMANCHE CLUB shirts/hoodies order for 2011 ***


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#2 - Pick your shirt style. Regular T-shirt, Long Sleeved T-shirt, Lighter Zip Hoodie or a Heavy Hoodie


Count me in on at least a couple shirts, but I'm a little confused about the hoodies. The above description gives a slight impression that only the light hoodie is full zip. But, the example pictures show full zippers on both the light and heavy hoodies.


Are both hoodies full zip? Why is the heavy hoodie actually cheaper than the light hoodie?


Thanks for putting this together. I know that coordinating this is a lot of work.



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Both hoodies are full zip. The difference is fabric type. I have never owned either hoodie and am not able to comment, however the guys who got a hoodie with last order all seemed to like the Heavy Blend. My speculation is that the base pricing is set by the manufacturer to reflect the fabric quality and texture. I can personally vouch for the long sleeve/tshirt, I'm wearing a dryblend printed by the printer.

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