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  1. TylerJY

    Should I Which One?

    I've got the D30 with chromoly shafts, 4.88s, Detroit Locker and a 3/8" steel diff cover, I haven't had problems yet running 33's *knock on wood* I want to run 35's but I'm not going any bigger than that,
  2. TylerJY

    What Jeep Is On Your Screensaver..

    No jeep lol.
  3. TylerJY

    Auto Mini Console Needed Asap

    pm sent.
  4. TylerJY

    Auto Mini Console Needed Asap

    Crazy day of running around today. Will definitely get you a quote tomorrow.
  5. TylerJY

    Auto Mini Console Needed Asap

    i think i broke a clip on my shifter bezel, but its the same bezel out of the full console. i think i can probably find out what that will cost to ship tomorrow.
  6. TylerJY

    Auto Mini Console Needed Asap

    i've got one, tan, spraypainted black and could use a good cleaning/maybe repainting $50 + shipping
  7. TylerJY

    Bed Liners

    I've used Raptor Liner and would highly recommend it.
  8. TylerJY

    Ford Front Axle

    ewww,,, ttb...
  9. TylerJY

    Need A Pic Of A Black Mj

    ^^^ wow, thats the stance i want.
  10. TylerJY

    My Herculined 90 Comanche

    to each his own.
  11. TylerJY

    Things Wanted

    Well I have a full 6cyl gauge cluster, but it's from a 93 Cherokee, not sure if its compatible?
  12. TylerJY

    Things Wanted

    Gauge cluster for old interior?
  13. TylerJY

    Misc Cherokee/comanche Parts

    mm, i'll pass, thanks for getting pics.