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  1. I've got the D30 with chromoly shafts, 4.88s, Detroit Locker and a 3/8" steel diff cover, I haven't had problems yet running 33's *knock on wood* I want to run 35's but I'm not going any bigger than that,
  2. Crazy day of running around today. Will definitely get you a quote tomorrow.
  3. i think i broke a clip on my shifter bezel, but its the same bezel out of the full console. i think i can probably find out what that will cost to ship tomorrow.
  4. i've got one, tan, spraypainted black and could use a good cleaning/maybe repainting $50 + shipping
  5. I've used Raptor Liner and would highly recommend it.
  6. ^^^ wow, thats the stance i want.
  7. TylerJY

    Things Wanted

    Well I have a full 6cyl gauge cluster, but it's from a 93 Cherokee, not sure if its compatible?
  8. TylerJY

    Things Wanted

    Gauge cluster for old interior?
  9. mm, i'll pass, thanks for getting pics.
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