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Introduce your Comanche...

Pete M

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To post a pic, you need to host it on another website that allows hotlinking. I use http://picturetrail.com but there are tons of them out there. See this thread for tips:

Photo uploading how-to: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=11077


My trucks:


88 pioneer, used to be 2wd, now has a TJ AX-15/NP-231 combo, 78 Ford fullsize axles with factory 4.10s, rear full spool and disks, front mini-spool (about to be swapped out for a regular locker), custom bumpers/rollbar/tire carrier/rocker guards, Co2 tank, 33" trXus MTs and sometimes 33" boggers, about 5" of lift, and more mods than you can shake a stick at. The tired 190k+ mile 4.0 is next on the list and will eventually be replaced with the reman-ed 4.0 sitting in the garage.



86 base with the crappy-but-alive 2.8L, AX-5, 4x4, metric tonne with the AMC-20 rear axle, 29" trXus STS tires in the photo (tires are long gone, running generic 31s now), no dash (cause dashes are for wusses who need vents and radios and such :D I'm a partial wuss though, as I duct taped the speedometer to the column)


For a few months I owned this '89 2wd truck too. I took out the 4.0L, seats, and a few other things I wanted and gave the carcass to an MJ owner in need of a more solid body for his build-up.


My new 90 Pioneer. 4.0L/4x4/AX-15 and just about every option you can think of. Lots and lots of miles on her and lots of stuff to fix, but I hope to make her into my daily driver. I miss being able to tool around in an MJ every day. (I'd love to drive my 88 every day, but the rear spool has pretty much killed that option. I've installed a 3.55 geared MJ Dana 44, matching Dana 30 from a 98 XJ (big joints, non-CAD), NP-242 and converted the AX-15 to external slave. I've installed a set of well-used MTRs on beat up Canyon rims. They may not look perfect, but they fit the truck nicely. I installed a set of WJ lower control arms to alleviate the rubbing when turning.



My rust free empty shell. Used to be a 90, but since there's no title I refer to her as an 89 so as to differentiate her from my other 90. Nothing much to look at, but she's a lifelong Georgia truck that is solid as a rock and holds infinite possibilities. :D


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this is mine, 2 years ago, at the moment there is not much left of it, being striped, having most rust removed, painted, 4.0L 4x4 swap, d44 rear, still have the 30 up front, for now. wagoneer interior, pwr everyhing, leather, etc.

now i just need to finish it 8)

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I have an 89 4.0 2wd long bed. I bought it new and it now has 139k miles on it and is still runs well. The Pugeot trans has been showing it's age for the past few years but since getting a car in 2002 I only put 3-4k a year on it so it should last a while longer. The headliner is gone, the parking brake ratchet is gone, and the paint is almost gone from the passenger side rear fender (classic Chrysler paint defect?). Despite it's quirks, I still love it and have no plans on replacing it. It was cheap to buy, it's been cheap to own and it looks like a truck should look.





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1991 jeep comanche 4.0 HO, auto with a d30 high pinion front and a d 44 rear w/locker. RubiconExpress 5.5 lift and 285-75r16 MTR's and no rust so far. i bought her last year from a guy in arizona who had already done all of this work (originally she was a two wheel driver). Since i've had her i've only had to do some minor maintenance and replaced the bumpers .....but she's just and awesome truck as my dd and a blast to take off road ............. :)

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Here's a pic of mine from earlier this summer.


I've trimmed the front a little more and added 33's since then. I'll be lifting the rear another inch or so this weekend. I've got a couple of wheeling trips coming up so I'll have some updated pics in a couple of weeks.

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I just picked it up. Always liked em.

I also have a 95 XJ. Lifted, locked, Warn winch etc.

I mostly wheeel at the Badlands. Been to Superlift OR Park

and some other places. Love to wheel.







I am planning on buying and installing a 3.5 RE lift.

also, put on a set of BF Goodrich Long trail's (very good road tire.

also a very decent O/R tire.)



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Hey everybody!


Nice to see an all-Comanch' site...even the 'net doesn't have much stuff for these trucks.


I've got a 1987 Sportruck... short box, with the pitiful little 2.5 and a four-speed. 4x4 works good, and it gets good mileage, so it's o.k. for now.


My truck is painfully stock except for XJ seats and steering wheel. I'm looking to lift it a bit, like a budget boost or a 3". Maybe put some headers and a high-flow air setup on it.


Long-term...I think this thing needs a 4.0 L !


I'll post a couple of shots when I get them loaded. Be warned...I think I'm gonna take the ugliest truck of the board award...

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Good to see this MJ site runnin!


here's my junk:






-4.0 engine

-swapped in AW4/231

-Leaf sprung D44 front, hydro assist, ARB

-shaved Toyota 8" rear, lockright, 4.88s

-35" MTRs on steel

-tube bed, doorless with door bars

-115" wb

coming soon:

-3 link rear and 109" wb

-chop-top w/ inner/exo cage

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Here's my '88 4.0L 4wd auto shortbed. I'm real happy I found it with this setup, along with the bucket seats and sunroof. It's got over 212K on the ticker and runs strong. Putting about 6" of lift on over the next few days, with 32" TSL Radials for now. Hopefully I'll have an 'after' pic soon.


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Glad I found this place. I have searched all over for MJ tech, and it is a little hard to find. This is a nice little forum you have going here. I am on a lot of other Jeep forums, Erie Jeep People, North East Crawlers, 4WD Hardware, NAXJA, HRJA, and a couple others. I go by scrambler013 most other places, but decided on a new name for here.


Well anyway, here is my MJ.

Image Not Found

It is an 89 2.5, 4 speed, 2wd with over 225000k on the odometer. I got it from an old classmate for free. He was going to send it to the junk yard when he bumped into me and told me if I came and got it, it was mine. :P Within 4 days it was at my house. I have some big plans for this one, gonna make it into a PA legal trail rig. Probably going to put a new motor in it with a 5 speed trans, np231 that I have, HPD30 that I have and when we put the D44 in the wife's XJ I am going to put the 8.25 in the MJ. I also plan on swapping the front for a 97+ body style XJ to give it a face lift. Any suggestions would be apreciated too.

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I've been on NAXJA for a while now. Though I get the yahoo group e-mail, been waiting for a good Comanche specific forum.


Here is my 87 2wd 2.5 4 speed short bed, For some reason it felt like I needed to buy this truck. It was in dirty awful condition on the inside and there are some obvious repairs especially around the bed and a rusty hole in a floorboard but I picked it up without even test driving it, just felt right. This MJ pulled daily driver duties for me most of the summer last year. Now it waits patiently for my plans for it to solidify.


So far I've only just cleaned it up a bit, threw out the old nappy cloth bench for a hardly used vinyl one, and slapped on my XJ wheels.


the day I brought it home, spring 04'


A few months ago


Future plans include a YJ bolt on SOA for the rear and something appropriate up front, then it is going to need a 4wd conversion, tires and lockers (etc etc etc ) so it can serve as my rig for IC chapter NAXJA runs, as well as any activities this forum might plan out west.

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'87 Sporttruck (or at least the flaked off decals on the bed say it was:)) 2.5L, AX5, used to be 2WD but I converted it last year. It's got 160K+ on it and runs like the cat's azz. I'm shooting for 200K and then yanking the engine for a block up rebuild (I've got another complete 2.5 sitting in the garage waiting to go in to run while I rebuild), and am going to swap a 242 in place of the 231 TC I'm running now.

Sorry about the big pics, but they're the only ones I've got available right now. I've got more of them at




Image Not Found

Image Not Found

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Love all the MJ's everyone! :-D


Here's my '89...








Specs are:

1989 Comanche Pioneer 4.0L NP231 AX-15 Short Box

34x10.50 LTB's on 15x8 AR-767 with 4" b.s.

'96 XJ HP D30, 4.10's Open, 297-X shafts

'99 Explorer 8.8, 4.10's Lock-Right, discs

RE 4.5" ZJ coils

RE HD adj. trackbar

Rusty's fixed 6" XJ UCA's & LCA's

Rusty's 6" XJ shocks F&R

No swaybars

Detours rear bumper

Detours rock rails

Detours bed mounted tire carrier

Rigid winch bumper & Warn M8000

Factory skids all around

Dakota (?) roll-bar

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Hello folks, Name is Rande, longtime full size Jeep guy, fairly new to the mid-size Jeeps. Bought a 1989 Comanche Eliminator 2 wheeldrive, 4.0, 5 spd truck. I have had it about 2 years now and just tonight found this site.


Here's a pic of my truck taken the day I bought it.



I've done a lot of maintenance work that the PO neglected. Drove it to NC and back last summer. Earlier this summer, the engine blew. Will finally be getting it replaced soon. Hoping to 4 wheeldrive it also this year.


I live in southeastern Minnesota in the town of Winona, two blocks from the Mississippi river.

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just finish my newest buy a 1992 comanche long bed 4.0 auto with 58000 original miles from original owner that was in california gorgeous truck super solid after i get it ill post some pics :lol:





86 comanche 2.5 long bed 2wd

88 comanche 4.0 long bed 4x4

89 comanche 4.0 short bed converted to 4x4

all i still own and probly will be selling in the near future

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Whats up guys? I have a 91 Eliminator 4.0 AX15 231. I did a SOA in the rear , 4.5 Rough Country coils in the front with Rustys UCA and LCAs. Adjustable track bar, tossed the sway bar. 33s on rockrawlers. Trimmed the fenders, added a lincoln locker in the rear, built my own bumpers. I also added a power steering cooler from a mustang to it.

Still gotta finish getting my non disco front axle done and install the 8.25 in the rear. I got 29 spline from a 99 XJ. Gotta finish up my underbodyrock lights too.

Just as soon as figure out the pics thing I will post a couple up.

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Hi all. I've got an 89 MJ with a 2.5 that is 2wd. I bought her late last year for dirt cheap. Had been wrecked a bit in the front. Grill is gone and drivers fender is messed up as well as the front bumper. Drivers window was shattered out of it. I got a great deal on it so I'm not complaining. I had to initially rebuild some of the steel brake lines because they had rusted through. After doing that I decided to try and drive her for bit because she ran great. Well that didn't work out so well. The p.o. had removed the thermostat to keep it from over heating (not the brightest crayon in the box) so I blew the engine about 5 miles down the road. Luckily I've been around the Jeeping community for several years and knew someone that had a 2.5 laying around and got that for free and installed it. Runs like a champ. Now I'm about to start getting to work on it like I've been wanting to do the whole time I've had her. I will be getting a donor XJ and doing a converstion to 4wd. After that (when time and money permit) I'll be adding a lift and some tires. The lift will probably something of the "homebrew" variety. I'm leaving the 2.5 in it for now as I don't have the time or money before the snow flies to change the engine. However when I change the engine I will be building either a 327 or 350 to put in it. I'll snap some pics when I get a chance.

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here's my 88 Comanche, I restored it with new paint and all.....My 1st Truck and just put a brand new I6 in it and just has over 1000 miles on it now, I'm currently attending Nascar Technical Institute in Mooresville and will be playin w\ some things on my truck the next year and a half, hopefully a lift is somewhere in the future but we'll se, this truck has many more years ahead of it 8) .....Awesome 2 have a Comanche forum!




Image Not Found

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I am a new MJ owner again. I had a 86 Starline RV conversion MJ I sold a few years back.



Wouldn't have pics of that would you??


As a matter of fact I do.


Here is a little background on the Starline MJ's. In 86 a Jeep dealer in Indiana (unsure which one) had sent a handful of MJ's to Starline to get the interior and paint done. By talking with the folks at Starline RV we could only acount for 4 or 5 getting this makeover. The conversion included towing mirrors, push bar, sliding rear glass, bed liner, stripes down the sides and a really cool oak and velour interior re-work. I picked this one up for $125 in PA from my uncle. It was a 2.8 4x4 auto. I kept it for about a year and never really did anything to it other than clean it up. I got orders to California and had to sell all non-drivers. Sold it to a guy in Indianna. So she is back in her home state. Last I heard it was now a chop bed, full width, turbo diesel trail dog. Here are the pics,




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