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  1. looks really good....now will you be testing that going thru the tubes??....and don't forget the license plate lite as i was just reminded yesterday by the local :mad:
  2. sweet lookin set-up now it just needs a little breakin in i like the black wheels i run black steels on the street so it's kind of nice to change them once in a while....changes the whole look of the jeep bob
  3. looks like a couple of guys from work want to come out and play with their trucks so i think we'll all be out around 10
  4. Wade....the first dent and scrape is the worst...... :mad: :cry: after that it's proof of how awesome the truck is just keep the touch-up paint handy ;) Still trying to figure out what tree you hit... ... But than I looked again and now I see it. :D haha very funny 8) actually the tree i hit was to the right out of the frame.
  5. so at least 3 trucks and some muddy trails.. :D ....bring a camera! I'm planning to get there around 9
  6. i usually go over there for one day too so let me know what day you're going to be there
  7. Another outstanding day at the Badlands :D and it's really cool to see several comanches together on the trail. We really need to get more mjs out and show them off.
  8. count me in for sure. driving over from indy sat morn should get to attica around 9...i'm with GLXJ as well ..........jeepcoMJ.pm sent......
  9. add one more mj to the list i'm planning on being there too
  10. looks good in green i like it!.......but.......should'a done white ;)
  11. well it looks like i can go on sunday but sat will probably be a work day...i don't want to miss a badlands trip....awesome place!! :D
  12. thanks pete i got the stickers...i'll get them on next week if it ever warms up :D thanks bob
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