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  1. Get you info right at least, this is supposed to be the freindly and knowledgable comanche club forums. YES they do and have always had thier adjustable front track bar in the kit! :nuts: . Though sold seperate RRO does offer control arm drop brackets and fixed and adjustable lower and adjustable upper control arms. Stay away from RRO kits for valid reasons not for heresay. Do have them check inventory for you before you order if you are in any kind of a deadline rather than order online and assume it's coming the next day.
  2. A helpful chart for input gear spline count and length changes. http://www.novak-adapt.com/knowledge/np ... _gears.htm
  3. Make that a penny or two, here is a nickel. I don't see a dam thing wrong with running OME springs and coil spacers combined or selling them as a lift kit, my personal experience for years of trouble free offroading and daily driving the hell out of my Jeeps with OME and spacer lifts is what my opinion is based on. OME makes great springs but they are on the short side so have to be combined with spacers for more lift. The RRO lift kit doesn't address control arms. This is actually a benifit of the kit. You have the freedom to do a long arm kit, a drop bracket kit, or your favorite adjustable control arms. Or you can get more technical and research 4 link vs 3 link mods. It's way better in my opinion than getting stuck with parts you will want to change anyway. Your more likely to get stuck with parts you don't want doing a kit with arms. If you like OME springs and the axle specific nature of a bolt on SOA kit works for you, and you don't mind or better yet prefer choosing your favorite mix and match parts such as control arms, and/or you can't afford to do it all at once, then the RRO kit parts are a great and perfect to build on.
  4. After everyone participated in the cleanup it was time for fun. I was sicker than a dog that day but hung in there to mostly play photographer. along with several XJs and many other rigs there was an MJ there! Invited him to check out the forum, I took a few pics of it in action. Apologies for the super harsh lighting. Any of these will link you to the full album.
  5. Utah Comanche just sold out :mad: - but for good reasons, and luckily before I had a chance to ruin my wallet on it. :D But he does have a replacement XJ in the works already. Welcome, the slow norris!
  6. I had to sell my 66 recently :cry: - but it never looked that good. Thanks for the pics.
  7. I was looking into the rocky road ones awhile back and they said that they're rockrails were designed for the short bed but it would work in the longbed (they said it was the same wheelbase so it wouldnt matter :roll: last time i checked 119 is longer than 113 ) so idk if they would actually work in a lwb or not. RRO unfortunantly still havn't had a chance to get a LWB test truck in the shop. Was out at a local wheelin spot Saturday. There was a LWB there and people were suprised the wheel base was different between the two, I told them 113 vs 119 so my memory is holding out :brows: few less uninformed locals anyway.
  8. xjblue


    Hard to be there for the best weather and miss the crowds at the same time. ;) It is a ghost town December through early Feb (esp January). And it is generally hot June through Sept. I have seen it snow there in June and worn t shirt and shorts Mid February. Here is a great resource for finding Moab locals to wheel with. http://webejeepinmoab.com/ Sometimes you can find groups to join up with at City Market (grocery store in the middle of town) Also the Intermountain Chapter of NAXJA http://www.naxja.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=72 always has somebody down there both scheduled/unscheduled, besides the NAXJA Fall Fling every October.
  9. So, it's DavidB (but not on RME, that is a different DavidB) or Barney or Utah Comanche! I debated using my RME screen name on here. Badger is on here too!
  10. Hey bubba! gravesdiggerxj(stratton) told me all about your trip but I hadn't seen these pics yet, thanks for sharing! "If it breaks - Upgrade!"
  11. Ha - on second take it's the exact same truck in both scenes, first scene is a street shot at night, second scene is with daylight. Something is odd with the pinstriping and there is a strip on the door edge for preventing dings.
  12. Deep Blue, w/ Kurt Russel a crooked LA police plot type movie I hadn't heard of before is on Cable right now. Anyway about half way through after Mr Russel's charachter has the divorce chat with his wife and is walking aimlessly down a street - camera pans as he walks right past a white MJ shown from about the middle up with a clear view of the tailgate. Very next scene he walks through a motel parking lot right behind a grey MJ shown full side view! Not an impressive movie, best part of it so far if finding the MJ's. Missing part to find this thread and post. . I think I'll rewind the ole dvr and watch that part again.
  13. They specify short bed so it goes without saying but sounds to me like a mis-interpretation maybe due to poor wording by the responder, I think the response is meaning they only offer the one wheelbase rockrail. I agree the short bed rails should "fit" longbeds fine except to be far too short to the rear but then I'd also be concerned on the mounting. Just need to find some long bed-ers willing to loan a rig for mock up who also happen to be local to these companies! As to Rocky Road rockrail quality I can attest to abusing my RRO XJ rockrails pretty hard. Most recently used them good while on a section of the Rubicon trail I shouldn't have been on :brows: no issues and very glad to have em.
  14. I'm very close to you but currently wheel my XJ during this on-going MJ build up. Saw your rig parked out front at the offroad expo earlier this year I believe, and your Moab trip report posted on RME, good looking MJ! As I've already decided on a name for a Utah comanche owners club I'm definantly interested in trail runs or meet and greets even if I'm showing up sans MJ for now. BTW I ended up out at 5mile pass Saturday night doing some hill climbs and ran up the Rattlesnake trail, sorry I didn't see this sooner.
  15. The short response is, it's just a matter of time and resources to throw at it, it's a new kit. The company does have a drop bracket in the works set to be available very soon. For what it's worth I know them and they know what they are doing. The way I look at it is, when there is a plethora of aftermarket control arm choices on the market, why re-invent the wheel so to speak. Just pick your favorite, most of us have mix and match lifts as is. The long response; As I've posted on my build thread, they are using my MJ to finalize a drop bracket kit that will be offered as an optional item in the very near future. And as an optional item, you will still be able to choose your own control arm mod should you want to, or get the kit with the dropbrackets when available. The front lift of the kit is based on the XJ trailblazer kits they have sold for years that combine budget lift spacers and OME springs. Taller custom springs are about to enter the testing phase. The rear is bolt on, they have years of experience doing bolt on spring over systems on other leaf sprung vehicles. The only downside per se to a bolt on SOA kit is the axle specific nature of it. A test rig will be in as RRO's trial vehicle for a D44 specific bolt on spring perch hopefully within the next month or so. Until then they have only had my MJ's D35 to work with and that has been the only complaint about the kit that I know of (being D35 specific) again that should change soon. I havn't heard of any problems with the kit or experienced any myself. The parts are built as reliable looking as the RRO shackles I've run on my XJ for years. My experience is my XJ, at 3.5" lift using a combo of OME RRO and other parts, rides like a "limo" or "much less bouncy than mine" as I've been told by XJ owning passengers. I can tell you my MJ, with this kit in question installed, feels better than my XJ so far and that tells me I have a lot of excellent MJ offroading to look foreward to. There is nothing wrong with being cautious or doing your research. It's the right way to approach this hobby. Just wanted to share what I know.
  16. absolutely nothing wrong with a cheaper kit without lower control arms, just pick out your favorite control arm mod to go with it.
  17. Well, I'm gonna make it 44 people that wanted stickers then. Make it 45 ;) (need to order 4 magnets and 4 small rear window stickers) As far as T shirts, most of my T's currently say NAXJA this or FALL FLING that, I need some veriety! Bottom line is I'll take one in each color and each design if/when available.
  18. hay! I think this was hijacked.... now back on topic :D this is the "loose" test fitting after my fender hack job. I still need to position it, crank down the bolts, and install the new lights.
  19. xjblue

    A Comanche Day

    "Helped" My friend pick up his next door neighbors MJ Saturday. Still in pretty decent condition, definanlty a good score. Clutch wasn't totally gone, he was able to drive around a little. Oh and that 2.5 started right up (after sitting some time) and it just purred, only 130k on the clock. The PO took care of it, except for hurting perfectly good doors with the hooptie mirrors
  20. Great for stock MJ D35 rear axles but little else... For this discussion they are talking axles from another vehicle in wich case that bolt on kit would not be desirable.
  21. Thanks for that tip, I'm so doing that when it comes time to rattle can my MJ. Thinking something like the original hockey stick pioneer stripes as the ghost black :) My homage to AMC. that black on black idea gives me goosebumps! not flashy from a distance but a good eye popper up close. that gives me ideas but with white. Although my first plan is to do the sportruck stripes on mine in some kind of bedliner.
  22. xjblue

    A Comanche Day

    My friends neighbor will sell his after all, now he will go for the auto and part time tcase it looks like. Oh and BTW, was looking under rustbucket and found another goodie! Gas tank Skid !! I wish old rusty wasn't rusty, what a gem... almost the perfect MJ
  23. xjblue

    A Comanche Day

    well no truggy for me, it would be sweet but I'm not in to that aspect of wheelin so much. First things first, find a cleaner rig for my friend to buy instead....he has agreed that he just wouldn't look good in a rustbucket (as good a rustbucket as it is, just so not his style) He will help me grab parts and get my MJ built. He offered his neighbor $500 for a gray 2wd 2.5 sb w/ bad clutch and in simular halfway decent condition as my other but the guy is holding out for more. Now I have Drmoab wanting to sell me his spare 4.0/aw4/np242 combo (I prefer wheelin auto)... need to check on his engine, rustbucket doesn't leak (there isn't a drop under it!) just a bit hot under the collar, so maybe keep rustbuckets engine and just grab the Dr's aw4,242? The peugot clutch needs fixen anyhow.... I still have that AX5/231 I can pick up (my friend could use it should his neighbor sell). Now with a 44 for the rear I'm thinking 35's and bushwackers are in my future :D - a 4.0 swap makes better sense that way.... then I already have another buyer lined up once I grab the parts. Ok, that is the plan.... for the moment (a dirt cheap donor HO auto XJ should fall in my lap any time now the way things are going) :brows:
  24. xjblue

    A Comanche Day

    I'm not sure, some guy traded him including center console and install for one of his planes. They sit pretty high though, I had to scoot up close to feel the pedals good, I'll have to ask him.
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