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  1. Thanks guys, I messaged Steve. I'm hoping for the best, haha.
  2. I've heard great things about SMS, though I don't have the backer to work with. Does he happen to make the whole thing?
  3. Gotcha, thanks for the replies. I may try to make something, or just wait to find one out of a donor MJ.
  4. Hey, it's been quite some time since I've been on here. I spent about two years without a Comanche, or a Jeep for that matter. Anyhow, I'm back in a Comanche, though I have no headliner or backer for it at all. Does anyone make the entire headliner? I heard of SMS headliners, but those seem to be kits to repair what you've already got. I'm trying to restore my 'manche back to be a very nice driver. I just need the headliner to complete the interior. Thanks, Cole.
  5. I haven't been on the site in a few years, but I'm happy to come back and see such a great build going on! What color do you plan on painting the truck after the build is done?
  6. yea they are something different, they have a little ridge around the spokes shown better here..
  7. does anyone know what these wheels are??
  8. hey guys iam back my red comanche STILL overheats.. ill tell you what ive done and what it does and hopefully someone knows more than me haha. ive put a new thermostat in.. iam almost positive the water pump is fine. i flushed the radiator.. and still it overheats it warms up like normal but when it gets to about 190 the oil pressure starts to go down.. but the oil pressure starts out at 40psi even when cold and goes down...and it will slowly get hotter and hotter even as i drive on a highway..etc and it gets hot fast at redlights.. ive heard about the reverse rotation problem with water pumps.. and someone told me about my catalytic converter maybe clogged? but those are still things i havent tried. any ideas? EDIT: i put in a 160 degree thermostat
  9. i had some jerk drag their bumper all the way down the drivers side of my little red mj in a parking lot....
  10. well i can't really sell it then get the ranger, i have to be able to get to work still haha, but yea i understand what your sayin iam still thinkin about it.. but i don't want that ranger
  11. ive decided i want something newer and nicer to drive.. my red 91 is becoming a pain in my backside so iam tradin it in on a 2006 ford ranger.. this one to be exact.. Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found once i get it ill be putting some 15x8 crawlers on it.. the best thing is its pretty dang new the red 91 is the newest vehicle ive owned so far...
  12. ive heard that if the wrong year waterpump is on my truck that the blades spin differently so it would make the water pump perform backwards.. is this true? if so what should i look for to know if this is my problem? the one thats on mine seemed fine but is it the wrong year? timing.. someone told me timing will make a vehicle run hot but.. 4.0s don't really have an adjustable timing do they? ive had my truck for almost a year and it overheats everyday... i flushed the rad.. new thermostat...new coolant.... it won't cool down
  13. that water isnt what killed it.. and if you don't waterproof you stuff and just put a snorkle on your still gonna have a bad day..
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