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  1. Got bolt out without messing up bushing. Next question I am wanting to add 4wd mj rear spring and add the 2wd main leaf. How far up do I need to cut 2wd main leaf
  2. I got the bolt out today. Had to cut flush with spring bushing. Now the remainder of bolt is stuck in the metal sleeve. What else can I use to replace sleeve?
  3. Any idea how to get rusted bolt out of leaf spring bushing.
  4. Yes on the pin said it had to be notched. Yukon gear recommend the pin also. Will have to get a carrier for the front.
  5. Any opinions on Ford performance gears 4:56 part# m-4209-88456. Will I need to buy the cross pin also part# 8002791. Thanks
  6. Yes I replaced Dana 35 for a ford 8.8 and the front is out of a 1998 Cherokee hp. So it looks like 4:56 is what gears i am going to get. Just need to find out what brand get.
  7. Oops on 4 10-4 11 reply. What brand of gears should I buy for 1998 8.8 and 1998 d 30.
  8. They are factory 4 10-4 11.
  9. So what brand gears would you recommend. Rear is 8.8 front is a d 30.
  10. Yes sir. I was thinking about 4 88s just don't want truck running high rpms and still want to be around 15-16 mpg
  11. On the flats 70 mph all day long 18-19 mpg. Incline downshift to 4th gear. Pulling trailer is all with in 5 miles no hwy driving but some hills
  12. Tire size is 31 10.50 15. Not going any bigger daily driver and use to pull 6x12 trailer with zero turn and walk behind mower. Would 4 56 make that big of a difference pulling. also would 4 88 be to low for highway driving without trailer.
  13. 4 10s not sure whats up front. No on transmission. Getting help on swap
  14. I have a 1990 2.5 ax5. 1 should I just get gears installed and rear main seal fixed $1500-$2000. 2 just install 4.0.
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