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  1. I personaly think that the currie setup is nice but not as nice as the jcr and on top of that the currie dosnt even use real 1 ton TRE as does the jcr stuf. though i have not personaly run the currie setup i know enuf people that do and would not recomend it for anyone that was gona use it off road as i don't feel it is rock friendly enuf. i personaly run the jcr (in an otk configuration) and wouldnt trade it for anything . but thats just my opnion as fer other upgrades get cromos and quality u-joints :cheers: Yeah I know that the currie set up doesn't use 1 ton ends, but the thought of reaming stuff out scares me. And, I've got a buddy with the currie setup, and he says that the currie components have out lasted 3 wranglers that where on 37's And, I'm only running 33's, and only planning on going as big as 35's in the future.
  2. Yes it was. Yes it did. :cry: Any who all my parts have come. Just a matter of putting them on.
  3. So, after shopping around and looking at different steering setups, such as the JCR, I've come to a decision. (with the help of a call to ben hanks) And I ordered the CURRIE steering system, which can be seen at this link http://www.currieenterprises.com/cestor ... px?id=1219 So my question is, should I be upgrading anything else? Any and all advice will help.
  4. So I went down to Moab over the weekend. I only got to run steel bender though, due to carnage. I broke my drivers side U-joint, which screwed up my ball joints and bent my tie rod. :cry: here's some pics:
  5. Oh haha I just drove through some really dirty snow right before I took the pictures. The front bumpers is just spray painted black.
  6. Keep the yellow, it looks great. Where did you get the rear bumper? I like it a lot! - Rich Completely custom made at Ben Hanks Racing.
  7. Well, here's the latest and the greatest! Here's the latest and the greatest: Front bumper: Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Rock sliders: Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found Skid plates: Image Not Found Image Not Found Roll bar with tire carrier: Image Not Found Image Not Found Rear bumper: Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found
  8. Ok so here's the latest: I've got a rear bumper, rock sliders, skid plates, and a roll cage with built in tire carrier being built. But, I'm just going to buy a front one. But here's my question: I'm going to be buying a bumper , and I've been looking at the Hanson Enterprises XJ Prerunner front bumper. I just want to know how bad, if at all, this will kill my approach and how far out it sticks. Have any of you seen this bumper? Any help will be appreciated. :)
  9. So here's the newest mod: Just swapped in a D44 with chromoly shafts, 4.10 gearing, ARB, and Discs. Goodbye dana turdy five!
  10. Bubba

    your first car

    First car that I bought: 1994 ford ranger. My dad bought it from me about a week later because he really liked it and I was having major buyer's remorse (I was 15) First car I drove: a 2000 VW TD jetta. My dad gave it to me to drive when I sold him the ranger. First that I call mine: 1989 Yellow MJ. Still have. Had her a year and a month now. THIS IS THE FUNNY ONE: First car that I was forced to buy: 1994 honda civic DX. It was my brothers and then I wrecked. I bought it from him and fixed her up. Before: Image Not Found And after: Image Not Found
  11. Bubba

    Online game

    I keep failing the capctha test thing.
  12. Ok, so, here's the problem. I really want bucket seats in my '89 comanche, instead of the bench. But, My question is what are the best seats to use for this? MY brother has a 1990 comanche that we got bucket seats put in, but they sit way to high for me. He's only 5'8, so they are perfect for me, but me being 6'1", My head is damn near hitting the roof. I had a pair of leather buckets with butt warmers form a grand cherokee that I was going to have put in, but seeing the way that my bro's ended up going in, I'm kind of hesitent. Here are my questions: Is there a way to mount them so they sit lower? Or, as an alternate, do after market buckets tend to mount lower? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Well, I was thinking about paint today, What do youy guys think of this? Image Not Found
  14. Hey thanks for the compliments guys. I'll keep ya posted on process.
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