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  1. We just went up to AF Canyon yesterday, I should have let you know in advance. I rarely post on this site right now (getting more brave). I am a memeber of NAXJA and usually arrange trail rides in the Intermountain Chapter Forum. My rear bumper is homemade, but I know there are a few out there you can buy for bolt on. As for most products for MJ's, just get an XJ part and chances are it will fit your MJ.
  2. Barney aka David B. I will be at the NAXJA meet and greet tonight.
  3. I am new to the world of Comanche's and comancheclub.com. I have owned various Jeeps uncluding three Cherokees, but I am really loving building this 1988 MJ. I am just about ready to hit the trails, but was wondering if there are any other Comanche owners close to the SLC that are interested in local trail rides. I still am currently affiliated with NAXJA.org as a member and primarily use that site for info. on local runs.
  4. Its good to see some other Utah based MJs out there. I am still building my first comanche, but the end is in sight. There are a couple of us that frequent the NAXJA website (current or former Cherokee owners), but we are interested in getting an email list going with fellow Comanche owners for local trail rides and such. Email me anytime at dbarnhisel@yahoo.com
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