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  1. mjdoa

    Random pics:

    What a view! Us Fla flatlanders never see any hills like that. Where is it?
  2. mjdoa

    Roll Call!

    Tracy Ludington "88 shortbed,4.0,Ba10 lifted and locked Fort Myers,Fl. Parts counterman, Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealer.
  3. :agree: But how 'bout tractors. "She tihnks my tractor's sexy" Doh. :eek:
  4. The rear grommet is only sold with the 4762592 harness. Retail is $16.50. The front grommet is pt# 53004721.Retail is $5.70. The rear grommet is 26 mm id.The front is 22 mm id. Get 2,make the rear one a bit bigger inside.
  5. If that carpet is attached to a removable panel, take the panel out,scrub it with Greased lightning or some such grease remover,then rinse it down with a mix of vinegar and water,let it dry,spray it with Febreeze or some other odor remover. Or,tell your mom to learn to enjoy the smell.
  6. mjdoa

    It's official

    Well.looks like I still have a job,for a while anyway. Evidently you all are right,they apparently will be downsizing to some degree. I'm sure a lot of smaller dealerships will be closed. I see one immediate effect so far. Manufacturing is going to stop Monday for 30 to 60 days. Can't wait to see the backorders now. It's already been bad for 6 months,a lot of suppliers had cut Chrysler off. We've had stuff like oil and oil filters on backorder,, and I see that getting lots worse before it gets better. That is all.
  7. Sir Sam,is that set yours,did you purchase a set? If so,tell us how you like them,'cause I'd probably get a set.
  8. Sorry,youre correct. I work at a Dodge dealership. And none of them have amber turn signals. A big Doh! to me. :oops: They're the same "style".
  9. Those look an awful lot like either newer Dodge pickup,Dakota, or Durango taillights. I'll take a walk on the lot and look when I get a break. In the meantime,you're right,they don't fit either.
  10. That's too funny,there's exactly one other in my town, is a fairly close neighbor.Guess what.Hispanic landscaper.Doh!
  11. Just in case you guys want them. Part # for round mj ball is 36001728.Discontinued. For Wrangler 53003408.Discontinued. For blimp,used with cruise control, 53003052,available,$12.65 retail.
  12. 54 Oldest so far me thinks. And not jealous of the young guys. Not getting older,getting better.
  13. Nope,thanks for the offers,I made cardboard tempplates and it worked out fine. When I get it finished I'll post up the specs. As always,thanks everybody.
  14. Nor does any other website it seems. I can't draw like that guy did but we'll have the specs on our website shortly,as long as you guys promise not to laugh at my artwork. :no:
  15. Except,on second look,those are front brackets,not rear. And that is the drawing I remember. I'll go back to that site,see if anyone's posted up the rear dimensions. If not,I'll make a template and post up the measurements in case any of you all ever need them.
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