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  1. Crappy pic but I redid my rear shock mounting. I also have a set of Yukon front axle shafts on the way.
  2. BPB

    Is It Just Me...

    That's nothing compared to the Samaria they built IMO
  3. BPB

    Sick Comanche.

    You need spacers f&r with the stock H1's, even with full width. I have 1 3/4 up front and 2" rear other wise the rub the "frame"
  4. Just started buying guns recently so far I have an interarms 12 gauge sxs and a Winchester model 120 ranger
  5. BPB

    Comanche Motorhome

    Glad to see you guys are enjoying it!! Keep the trip reports coming!!
  6. This makes me laugh. A couple years ago a good friend of mine had a pair of two door Xj seats is great shape for sale on another forum. After being low balled a few times he brought them to my place doused them in gasoline and lit them on fire. Them posted pics on the forum. Maybe Darren still has some pics? It was soo funny
  7. Well driving a computer car sucks. But as much as I love driving my Yukon 99% of the time. I do love the looks I get driving around what's left of my Comanche.
  8. Congrats nice having two out of three mjotm from cowlitz county!!!
  9. I just purchased this today that I am going to use as a dd and a tow rig. It has the 5.3 it is rated to tow 7800 lbs. my mj on a trailer is a smudge over 6000. We're I to buy a dedicated tow rig I would have gone for a 3/4 ton truck with either 6.0 or 8.1. Seeing that I will tow maybe 6 times a year this gets About 20 on the highway and is super comfy!! I know that the diesel boys will pass me on the hills but that's ok bc that ifs rides sooo smooth.
  10. I spent about an hour on the phone today with a prospective buyer of another Comanche rv this one came with 4x4 and has a generator on board otherwise is identical to mine ill post pics when I have time to get in front of a computer according to the add for it there were only three ever built.
  11. Lol idk I've been with her for 4 years and never noticed
  12. Went up in the snow again this time I broke another front shaft.
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