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  1. BPB

    1990 Mj Woodland Wa

    I'm selling my 1990 Comanche. I really hate to do this but extra costs with building our house leave me no choice. Modifications Drive train 4.0 inline 6 recent rebuild no leaks. Ax15 5 speed Np231 Power steering cooler. Front axle: ford dana 44 high pinion 4.10 gears. Trussed. Gusseted c's. Chevy flat top knuckles. Brand new USA alloy shafts, warn premium hubs. Spartan locker. Locker and all ball joints, wheel bearings, calipers, brakes and hubs have less then 200 miles on them and three wheeling runs on them. Rear axle is a ford dana 60 with 4.10's welded carrier, brakes and wheel cylinders are as new as front. Suspension Front Clayton pro 3 link kit 6.5" rustys coils doischtech shocks. Jks Shock stud eliminators. All steering is .250 wall dom with 3/4" heims all less then 2 years old. Steering box brace. All grade 8 hardware through out. Rear factory soa brand new 11" travel bilstein 5125's with custom shock hoops. Body 1990 mj cab, cab is sound deadened. 1992 xj doors modified hinges for easy removal, manual windows/locks 2000 xj front clip no bed, lots of dents, front unibody plated with .120. Front and rear bumpers are .188 wall square tubing. Locking toolbox mounted on back. Rear slider window. New windshield. Fuel tank relocated behind cab. Electrical Lighting Light force with yellow spot filters. Led rock lights. Halogen reverse lights, led tail lights reassessed in Rear bumper, one is cracked, on board air with tank I've used for running an impact gun. Cb mounted between visors. Hid headlights with both high and low beam HID's however bright switch doesn't work on column. CD player. Wipers on toggle. Dual batteries red optima up front, deep cycle in rear. Power inverter mounted behind passenger seat. All sensors new with in past few years. All crimped ground connectors in factory wiring harness are soldered. Lots of grounds added through out engine compartment. Wheels & tires 39.5 x 13.5 r16.5 biased iroks 98% tread less then 200 miles mainly snow. H1 double bead locks. Trailworthy fab PVC inserts machined specifically for wheel and tire package. Custom .188 rock rings new orings 1 3/4" wheel spacers in front 2" in rear. Wheel locks Extra wheel without insert or rock ring. 5.38 gears for front axle in box. Extra centering washers for wheels. I have been working on this for years and only driven it a hand full of times. It's ready to wheel I'm sure I've missed a lot of other upgrades. Feel free to ask any question. $6000 Obo make offer. I'm flexible but no trades cash only. 36oh-281-6oh48
  2. Crappy pic but I redid my rear shock mounting. I also have a set of Yukon front axle shafts on the way.
  3. BPB

    Is It Just Me...

    That's nothing compared to the Samaria they built IMO
  4. BPB

    Sick Comanche.

    You need spacers f&r with the stock H1's, even with full width. I have 1 3/4 up front and 2" rear other wise the rub the "frame"
  5. Just started buying guns recently so far I have an interarms 12 gauge sxs and a Winchester model 120 ranger
  6. BPB

    Comanche Motorhome

    Glad to see you guys are enjoying it!! Keep the trip reports coming!!
  7. This makes me laugh. A couple years ago a good friend of mine had a pair of two door Xj seats is great shape for sale on another forum. After being low balled a few times he brought them to my place doused them in gasoline and lit them on fire. Them posted pics on the forum. Maybe Darren still has some pics? It was soo funny
  8. Well driving a computer car sucks. But as much as I love driving my Yukon 99% of the time. I do love the looks I get driving around what's left of my Comanche.
  9. Congrats nice having two out of three mjotm from cowlitz county!!!
  10. BPB

    Comanche Motorhome

    Sale pending first cash takes it home
  11. BPB

    Comanche Motorhome

    I am talking with a few prospective buyers from naxja cc and Craig's list
  12. BPB

    Tow Rig Thoughts

    I just purchased this today that I am going to use as a dd and a tow rig. It has the 5.3 it is rated to tow 7800 lbs. my mj on a trailer is a smudge over 6000. We're I to buy a dedicated tow rig I would have gone for a 3/4 ton truck with either 6.0 or 8.1. Seeing that I will tow maybe 6 times a year this gets About 20 on the highway and is super comfy!! I know that the diesel boys will pass me on the hills but that's ok bc that ifs rides sooo smooth.
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