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  1. Yeah still working on after all this time. haha Yeah I love the icon wheels also. They were just to narrow. That is why I went back to my beloved Moabs. haha
  2. RockinMJ

    Rusty's Off Road

    I live about 30 minutes and dealt with him on many different occasions.I ran a rustys lift on a couple different jeeps. Very nice people and very good people to deal with. Lifts were great and never once had a problem.
  3. Haha yeah I have been through some wheels. Yes the lift is for a cherokee but I specified when ordering for the full aal. That was pretty much the only difference between the comanche and cherokee lift. I would have got the comanche specific lift but the cherokee lift was on sale.
  4. Small update. Didn't like the looks of the icon wheels they were to narrow. So I sold them and finally found a nice set of Rubicon Wheels. Yes another set. I believe this is my fourth set. Haha
  5. They are like gold. I'm picking up my 4th set this Saturday. If you keep checking craigslist they are always some that pop up pretty cheap,but you better pounce on them.
  6. It lives. Got to start it up. First time in almost 2 years. It has the Dakota tank. Still have a lot to do, but what an awesome feeling. Here is the video link. No Exhaust = very loud.
  7. Little background. 87 comanche with 97 swap. I just got done hooking up the wiring on my Dakota tank and was wondering if it should be pumping out gas when I turn switch on. I have a short line hooked up to go in a gas can to catch it. Or does it have to be hooked up to the fuel line on the comanche/cherokee ? I thought the fuel pump would come on when I turned on the ignition key? Wondering if fuel pump is bad?
  8. Thanks guys. Just found one from mudflaps for a little over 15 bucks and free shipping.
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