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  1. Yes. That’s what I’ve been running for the last 5 years or so.
  2. Playing around with some cardboard tonight. Possible bedside idea. Plenty of room for an ELIMINATOR sticker.
  3. don't worry about the questions. Here are some pics. The main cab cage is welded to the sliders, which are tied to the unibody. I plated the back of the cab too. I still have some tie ins to do but here’s where I’m currently at.
  4. Got the majority of the cage done. Still have to “x” the lower part of the bed area and weld everything complete.
  5. Thanks! Yup running dual triangulated. I don’t have lengths on me. Link lengths were measured with the heims in the brackets and measuring between the weld in bungs. Never did any 4 link calculator stuff either. Kinda just did what would fit. The brackets are a mix of barnes4wd and chassis unlimited stuff. I bent two tubes with 90deg bends and hung them off the lower horizontal bar on the main hoop behind the cab. Those two tubes will also get tied to the rock slider mounts, which tie to the frame currently.
  6. Fenders are on. Still have some touch up stuff left on them.
  7. Got the cab portion mostly done. Still have to fully weld. Luckily I was able to slide the sunroof glass out.
  8. We love Indiana so far. We live in a small town which has the similar feel to where we both grew up.
  9. Yeah I’ve been putting in some hours so far this winter. Between work and family stuff I don’t get a whole lot of spare time so I try and make due with what I can.
  10. Still not mounted yet lol Current status of the truck...
  11. Damn dude where ya been Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. uhm.....I'm sure you can guess
  13. you can mount monotube shocks either way. they will work either way. body up helps with debris not getting into the seal tho.
  14. if you go back to school, check to see if your current place does tuition reimbursement. odds are they will if it somehow improves your standing with the company. only downside is you'll probably have to stay a certain number of years or you have to pay them back if you quit. Subaru is always hiring, let me know if you want to move up this way.
  15. that looks familiar ;) definitely looks like a fun time though
  16. those aren't long enough if you plan on doing any sort of offroading.
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