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  1. Cancel culture basically guarantees Jeep will make the change. nothing is OK anymore.
  2. also the fact he did all this work and has yet to drive it. what sort of things will pop up once you start logging miles?
  3. id recommend the Rubicon Express bracket with crossbrace. that crossbrace does wonders for keeping things where they should be.
  4. Got the driver side seat lowered and also started working on the harness bar
  5. Delphi IN 181k miles Longbed 2wd with Dana 44 rear Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. its the same dent haha. and no seat warmers in these
  7. Got my corbeaus mounted. Need to modify brackets cause they sit a little too tall. Also got the passenger side bed panels all complete.
  8. a lot of those kits require aftermarket wheels (different offset) to work. id just shave the head of the bolt down till it didnt rub.
  9. found a rust free long bed in MI. (i live in IN). If that one you got didnt have the fender flares, i would've bought it immediately.
  10. i legit was going to buy that MJ until i found one closer haha. seemed like a nice rig.
  11. to do what with? its more than enough to jack up either end of the jeep.
  12. you can run them no problem. how thick is the ring though?
  13. not sure, but yes it does have a spot on the roof. its actually just paint flake. something fell out of the rafters and landed on the truck.
  14. Haven’t had a whole lot of time but been slowly plugging away
  15. Picked up my newest project. 88 longbed. 4.0/AW4/D44 rear Lowered an unknown amount. Going to be my street ride once the salt stops but will eventually start to mess with it. Plans are unknown at the moment.
  16. probably gets lowered to the line at that stage. thats how ours work in certain areas.
  17. probably fell off the carrier not a good time when that happens
  18. things are currently being worked out with the badlands.... i'll post more later
  19. heat obviously would be my first choice. i've also had luck using the steering to my advantage. put it back on with the bolts about halfway in. wedge something between a bolt and the inner C of the axle.
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