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  1. since craigslist and then marketplace took over, jefferson has really dimished in regards to quality content.
  2. it was in perfect condition, till i backed into a tree with it down while i was carrying a buddies spare tire. mine will probably become wall art.
  3. 36"x17" at its widest part. i thought about cutting out a section of my tailgate but idk if i will.
  4. Did some more panels. Turns out I’m not very good at the fine details haha. Panels don’t fit as tight as I’d like. I have all the hardware to make a functional tailgate and actual Jeep decals. Still have to weld in the mounting tabs.
  5. it sucked lol. no I'm not sure it came from the factory that way. was just how it was when i bought it.
  6. thats what i was getting at. u-bolts and such had same amount of rust as everything else
  7. i mean i owned it 15 years ago so i don't know what paperwork I'm going to get lol. but it was verified by opening the cover. who know if it was factory but it showed no signs of being swapped out
  8. you can get 3.07 in Auto 4.0s as well. my 88 had it.
  9. i ran them such a long time ago that they've likely been redesigned at some point so my opinion may not matter....but i was not very impressed with them. i went offroad once and broke the main leaf in both packs. Rustsy was an absolute nightmare to deal with. ride was much better with SOA and stock leaf springs. flatter the arch the better the ride will be. crazy to think i've been screwing with this thing for 14 years haha.
  10. don't ask me lol. i don't drive it on the road. Offroad is awesome though. I keep mine riding low cause i just do crawling so i doubt they'd ride well on the road. I only have about 5" of chrome showing on these 16s.
  11. to be fair i've had this thread long before IG lol. thanks!
  12. Winter projects are starting. Started making my bed panels. Never really done stuff like this so this is my first attempt using a jig saw and fence. Got some new aluminum links in from Wide Open Design And toying around the idea of mounting my spare similar to how I had one years ago. Not sure if I’ll do it or not.
  13. don't waste your time with radius arms. go 3 or 4 link. way better performance characteristics.
  14. any XJ front lift will work. some crossmembers will need to be modified if they wrap the unibody rails at all.
  15. i run it on mine. miles ahead of the factory setup
  16. Homemade with a Warn M8000 winch. I’d like to have a better approach angle otherwise I like it
  17. yeah, i got all the stuff to do it. it will be my winter project.
  18. Been wheeling all summer and have only broke one hub. This thing is a killer in the rocks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. to answer your question, i am happy i made the jump to 37s from 35s.
  20. you really need to start upgrading axles if you get over 35s in my opinion
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