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  1. you made me check. guess I'm in the 14 year club as well lol
  2. 89eliminator

    Face mask

    wife got some at target. i have to wear one every day at work and they are pretty comfortable.
  3. Not that any cancer is good, but man what he had sounds brutal. RIP
  4. we lost power from 6pm-730am here in IN. no damage to our property otherwise. just scattered the patio furniture a little.
  5. SYE is a way better option if you can afford it.
  6. making offset mounts for the front will take an angle grinder and welder most likely...use those tools to cutoff the perches and weld new ones on
  7. piston ring issues causing more than normal oil burning
  8. Took it out yesterday for first time. Worked pretty well. Got some tuning to do on the struts but otherwise no issues.
  9. Yes. Found a sliced wire and needed the ground that used to be on the tail light.
  10. If I never go back to work I may have to start a side business lol.
  11. Love it. My old cage was built with my buddies JD bender. Not sure what it is but bending vertically is much easier for me to do. Plus the bender is just plain easier to use.
  12. Millermatic 211 Rogue Fab M600 bender and their notcher
  13. I’m excited too. I’ll be curious if I can tell the difference from my old upper triangulated setup.
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