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  1. Got mine all done tonight. Super easy install. Throttle response is better and tunable rev limiter is nice as well.
  2. well you've convinced me enough that the parts for mine should be here on wednesday lol. i'm wanting the rev limiter feature more than anything because i feel like i'm 1 over-rev away from blowing the motor.
  3. thanks for the info on all this. i've been looking at doing something similar for a while not but could never really find much info out there on whats been done to make it work. what coil did you use?
  4. damn look what the cat dragged in lol
  5. cut them some slack, its $29,800.
  6. 89eliminator


    what kind of condition is the chief in?
  7. Haha yup she got stamped. I originally painted the inner panels black but didn’t really like how it looked.
  8. if you find someone doing inexpensive body work, run fast. you get what you pay for.
  9. Got it out of the garage tonight. Ready to wheel this weekend!
  10. i've ran bilsteins for years after running generic white body shocks. makes a world of difference. i've had 5150s in my wheeler since 08 with absolutely zero issues.
  11. i just put corbeaus in my jeep using their brackets. the seats sat way too tall so i had to lower the brackets some.
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