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  1. Here is the Name plate and rear "Tailgate" with LED backup, stop and tail lights with small turn signals. It will have a piece of colored lexan behind it in a lighted box later. have to decide on a color.
  2. Its 8 gal. have several friends running v8 with 6 gal. it is plenty to get me around the trails. its a trailer queen. lol I take extra fuel with me on the trailer.
  3. I really wanted some sort of protection from rocks and so on hitting the back of that cab and some sort of rear fender. also got the fuel cell mocked up and some mesh on the bed and fenders.
  4. After the painstaking task of the frame rails. I wanted to see some progress on the rear cage and bed area, while I was at it I bent up the Fox 2.0 16in travel shock mounts
  5. Now the fun part, building a rear frame out of Tube. I'm using 1.75 tube bent on a Rogue fab bender, The frame tube is inserted along with the square to round adapters I cut on my plasma table into the 3x3 tube. the adapter is welded onto the tube and pushed into the sqaure tube 11in. then the other adapter is welded to the outside of the square tube. there is a total of 4 bends on each frame tube and 3 offsets. Got my best buddy, my son notchin some tube for me.
  6. So at this point I am ready to strip down my old XJ PROWLER and put the donor suspension and drivetrain in.
  7. Next I have some pics of the rear frame removal and the start of the install of the @Ironman 4link mounts. and frame inserts made from 3x3 stacked and welded steel tube. The tube is inserted about a foot into the factory frame and then welded solid and welded to the 4link mounts. Also show you the first Sterling rear axle truss made By Andy at Ironman for this build. I believe he will be offering it later on his site. Oh and the 2x6 sliders installed along with the frame connector.
  8. So I have been asked several times to start a build thread about my Truggy manche. Not sure where to start, I am going to try my best to do a build thread so bare with me. I don't have a lot of time with work, shop, and home so it might just be pics sometimes. Here is a few that I have. I will start with what It looked like when I got it.
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