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  1. Forgot to say look for a lower mileage head. My engine has 150k and if I'm going to pull the head anyways would a lower mileage head make any difference? Edit: I also did a compression test a few weeks back and I was getting good even compression across all 6. I have not done a leak down. My spark plugs also looked great. I'll check again soon though to see if that's changed
  2. Copy that! Would there be any advantage to a lower mileage head if I could find one and have it refinished? Trying to decide what to do if my head is damaged and unfixable. Or the block for that matter, how does one find cracks that aren't visible to the eye in the head?
  3. Thanks guys, will do once the money comes around. Would it be worth maybe looking around the yards or for a local part out to pull another head?
  4. It must be a very small leak, there are almost no bubbles and what there was I assumed was just burping
  5. Well I guess that's all she wrote. Looks like it's head gasket time. I suppose I should send the head off to be checked for cracks or just buy a refinished head? Removing the stat did keep it cool but I guess this needs to be addressed
  6. Yeah, I have pulled the sender from the block every time I've refilled. Here's another question while I have the stat out. How far should it actually open when boiled? I've never done this before, but from watching a few videos I feel like maybe my stat isn't opening far enough. The little cylinder inside the stat retracts maybe 4-5mm and I can see 1-2mm all the way around for water to flow, while most of the videos look more like 5-6mm or so, but I also don't see any videos with a similar style stat. My local place doesn't have the mopar stat but I have one on order, may just put this on hold until it arrives
  7. Ok, new water pump wasn't the answer. Still up to 260 after just idling for a few minutes. I'm gonna pick up a new stat gasket as well as another new stat and retest them all this afternoon. @cruiser54 for the exhaust gas test, do you know about how much driving I'd need to do for the test to actually pick up the gasses in the coolant?
  8. Sorry, it's buried in the OP but I do have a brand new stat. I boiled the old and the new and they were both opening correctly but I put the new one in, all good!
  9. Thanks! I flushed the block with oxalic acid yesterday and that seems to have gotten a lot of the build up. If I'm still hot after it's back together I'll try that route as well. Any reason to switch if the one I have is operating correctly? I'm going to look into a mopar temp sender as well
  10. So the picture doesn't do a whole lot of justice, it's not really rusty and more of a yellowish powerful substance that I'm guessing it's minerals deposited from water? It looks wayyyy better than some of the ones I've seen videos of, but any suggestions for cleaning her out really well? Maybe leave the stat out and fill it up with coolant cleaning stuff and water overnight?
  11. It's a little grimey inside my stat orifice but water coming out clean. Pump doesn't look awful either. Going to go ahead and replace the pump anyways since I have the part. So I don't think the pump was the problem, so I now I'm thinking either head gasket leaking into the coolant passages, or possibly bad o2 sensor? Since I failed emissions with high CO I'm thinking maybe bad sensor causing me to run hot => high CO? I bought a kit to test the coolant for exhaust gasses as well, so will do that once I have everything back together.
  12. Cool, thanks, I picked up a tester yesterday. Once I check the water pump I'll drive a bit and see what it says! I've been using an IR thermometer to read the temp at the block sensor. My needle spends most of it's time at or in the red.
  13. Thanks cruiser. I'll look into the tester. A few friends told me that you'd have to drive quite a bit for the gasses to leave enough trace for the tests to pick up, but certainly beats taking the head off and not finding a leak, I'll give it a go. I think I will pull the pump first this weekend. I bought a brand new rad cap with the radiator. It's definitely not leaking any water past the cap, and it looks like the system has taken in some of the water from my expansion bottle, not sure if there's any other way to know if it's working properly. I suppose since I'm currently water only it could be boiling but not overpressurizing the cap and causing an issue? I will probably try another flush and a 50/50 mix after I do the water pump this weekend.
  14. I did a 50/50 mix after the first flush but it was still running hot. I'm running just water right now
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