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In Memory Of Comanche Club Member (Rcwhlr) Lenny Olsen


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I don't think anyone here knew rc4whlr/Lenny

since he mostly just lurked,

but since he was a member I thought his passing was worth a mention here. :(

He was just 37, with 5 kids, a friend of mine for 20 years,
and it sucks losing him.

He was building this XJ from about 3 different throwaways & totals

I donated the wheels/tires to the cause:

Rest in Peace Lenny

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Thank you for the kind words :(


Lenny worked as a mechanic,

and would think nothing of driving an hour to show a friend how to save 15minutes on some part install.


No matter what you were working on, he'd always have some small tip, or idea to make it go quicker.


Literally a sweet guy that would never hurt a soul.


I'm still getting details on exactly what happened, but it looks like he had run an errand to the store for one of his 4 daughters Sunday night,

collapsed in the parking lot, and did not recover. :(


Thanks again guys,

your words really do help.

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Condolences, Jim. It's hard enough to lose a friend, harder still to lose a young man with so much to live for.


The only way (IMHO) to look at it is as expressed in the old song by Dion: "It seems the good they die young." Your friend sounds like one of the good ones.

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Thank you to all who took the time to read this thread, and think about Lenny's life,


and thank you for all the kind replies.


Lenny was every bit of the "give you the shirt off his back" kind of friend,

and he is sorely missed.


His obituary goes a short way to describe his life,

so I'll post it for anyone interested.




Leonard M. Olsen, 37, of Spencer, Massachusetts, passed away suddenly Sunday Nov. 20. 2011, deeply mourned by his loving and beloved family.


Lenny is survived by his wife, Kerry, and his children: Samantha, Stacey, Ashley, Stephen and Alyssa. He also leaves his parents, Susan and Stephen Hahesy of West Brookfield, his brother, Douglas Olsen of Amherst, his father, Leonard A. Olsen of Beverly and his parents-in-law, Al and Donna Richer of Spencer. Also, he leaves his great aunt, Jane Taggart of Feasterville Trevose, Pa., and many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.


Above all else, his love for his young family was the joy of his life. His work with cars, engines and boats and his avid support for the New England Patriots were a great and satisfying part of Lenny’s life, but always it was his family that was central to his being.


Born in Melrose, Lenny first met Kerry Richer 22 years ago as freshmen teens on the swim team at the Northeast Vocational Regional High School in Wakefield; they began dating almost immediately and have been married for the past 18 years. As the children arrived, his happiness only grew – each daughter and his son sparking larger amounts of love.


The family shared camping trips in the White Mountains, boating, visiting with the children’s grandparents and sailing on the Hempstead Queen on Lake Wickaboag. Lenny especially enjoyed playing with the children and keeping track of their widespread activities.


He was most proud of the continuing personal, scholastic and professional accomplishments of his beloved wife, Kerry, and all the many achievements of the children at school and on the playing fields.


He especially shared his love of engines and automobiles with his young son, Stephen, and serving as the family’s very busy chauffeur, shuttling Samantha, Stacey, Ashley and Stephen to uncountable practices, games, rehearsals and other events. Little Alyssa is too small to have started her own series of games and concerts yet but, surely, Lenny would have been ready to drive her to those as well. It is sadly touching that he was struck down by a sudden illness while on an errand to buy a toy for one of his daughters.


Leonard M. Olsen attended the St. Rose Elementary School in Chelsea, Mass., Malden, the Lincoln School in Revere and the Northeast Vocational Regional High School in Wakefield. He met life’s challenges squarely, responsibly and always did his best. He was a loving husband, a proud father, a good son and a caring friend to all who knew him. His passing is a terrible blow to so many.


Visiting hours will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 25, at the J. Henri Morin & Son Funeral Home at 23 Maple Terrace in Spencer. A memorial service will be held Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Morin funeral home, followed by internment at the Mary Queen of the Rosary Cemetery at 60 Maple Street in Spencer.


In place of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the “Education Fund for the Olsen Children” c/o Country Bank, 75 Main Street, Ware, Massachusetts, 01082-1350.


I had a tough time at Lenny's wake & funeral,

and both his wife, and mother separately took notice of this,

each coming over to console me. :(


I have no words when a selfless family can reach out through tragedy to try to help someone else.




God bless Lenny & his wonderful family





added an old pic,

not sure if he was playing with one of his kids, or waving goodbye,

either seems like a fitting tribute to a good man.

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Thank you for bumping this for me hornbrod!

(I was having trouble posting from my phone)


and thanks for the kind words jeepdoggydog!


He was one of those friends that you never know how much you'll miss them till they're gone.



Rest in Peace Lenny Olsen


Happy Thanksgiving guys

Make sure your family AND friends all know how much they are appreciated today.

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