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  1. Glad to see you were able to use some of the parts off my old MJ. Good to see it went to good use! Good luck with the rest of your build!
  2. Hey guys, I'm just about done recovering from a couple surgeries and could use a good excuse for firing up the MJ and going to LKQ, anybody else interested? I'd be able to make it practically any weekend starting next weekend. It'd be good to get some of the guys together, see some of our trucks, and possibly make some good scores at LKQ!
  3. That's one heck of a house, nice score with the garages!
  4. I figured you still had the factory plow from the ad pic of my truck, that's awesome! That's quite the stash you have, when you showed me some of the goods you had stashed away I was pretty blown away, didn't realize how close I was to such an awesome collection, way to go! :cheers: I'm proof of this, have hung out with Rob a few times and always leave with stuff for the MJ (last time I folded the seats in the Civic to cram a bumper in the back, best story yet!) and seeing the Diesel MJ in person, oh man!
  5. Man, that kid's lightyears ahead me when I was 12! The other day I was replacing the headlights in my Civic (DD, needed the mpg's) and a guy asked me if my dad was looking to sell his truck. Told him it's MY truck and unfortunately it'd cost him too much to get me to part with it, had a nice chat though.
  6. Quick, easy, and brilliant, I'm going to have to do this! Tired of sticking cans/stiff cups between the curve of the bench and the door and praying it doesn't come flying out when some idiot slams on the brakes in front of me :rotfl2:
  7. I know just about every other member has said it, but I'm stoked to see you walked away from that in one piece, and you have some freaking awesome friends man! Can't wait to see what you do with the rig, good luck man, definitely following this!
  8. A roll bar from a Ford Ranger will fit ours (without modification IIRC) That's what's on mine, an '88 SWB, just an idea since there may be more of those laying around than ones specifically for the MJ's :thumbsup: Great build by the way, looks great!
  9. Steve, I have an '88 and am very interested in getting one in black. Let me know what info you need, and thanks again for the group purchase offer! -Drew
  10. Sounds good to me. I'll have to clean 'em up a bit since they've been sitting in the bed of the MJ for quite some time, and I'll make sure they still hold air
  11. Thanks Rob! Ya, the short arms are just holding out until I can afford long arms. I'm hoping to get long arms in the next month or two, any brands/styles that you suggest, or that I should stay away from? You still have these wheels? Rob I actually still have all four original rims and tires, you want them? May have to clean them up a little bit, because they've just been sitting, but I don't really have any use/plans for them
  12. Alright, finally have the pictures, so here we go! We'll start with the "cosmetic" work, my friend and I cut out the rusted rockers and welded in some fresh sheet metal Unfortunately, there wasn't much rocker left to trim due to the amount of salt that Rockford uses. Driver's side cut out: Passenger's side cut out: Ethan (a friend of mine that welds far better than I do.) welding in the new sheet metal "patch" on the driver's side: The driver's side taped off and primed with a zinc primer that's supposed to prevent rust: Passenger's side taped and primed: Driver's side primed and ready for bed liner (and some filler in the holes in the fender): Passenger's side primed and ready for bed liner: Some shots of the finished product (bedlined bed and lower molding): New "sorta-fit" fenders on: Bull-bar welded on and lights wired up: 33" tires on 15's mounted up and "new" doors swapped over 8" front springs installed: And a bed kinda full of stuff that still has to get put on (bumper that's in better shape, hitch/receiver, air box, ordering 4 new shocks today): Just need to wait 10 days (til 1 Sept.) and get new plates, it's cheaper than paying $119 then turning around and having to renew the plates again at the end of September. Then once the shocks/hardware get here and I get the shackles installed, I'll be able to drive the MJ again! I still have some things planned, like a new paint job, new rims and tires, maybe a snorkel? (run from the stock air box, so that it can be detached when I'm not wheeling, using a second fender, so that I'm not driving around with a hole in my fender.) Day 1: as she sits today: What do you guys think?
  13. There's something to be said for how sturdy MJ's are in accidents, my sister backed into my front bumper and mangled the back of her Stratus, I just had to re-paint the bumper, lol. Glad to hear there was minimal damage to your Jeep! :thumbsup:
  14. Alright fellow addicts, I don't know if anyone follows this post anymore, but it's time to resurrect it! In my hiatus from CC I've made a fair bit of progress with the good ole MJ, I'm in the midst of getting a new computer so I won't have any pictures (or be able to fix the picture errors in the original posts) until the middle of this week when it arrives. I can, however, tell you what's been done so far: New-to-me doors off an XJ have been swapped in, spacing is just a bit off Swapped in the "sorta fit" fenders that actually fit fairly well Installed 8" lift springs in the front, Re-shoed her with some beefy 33" tires on 15"x8" rims Welded on Brush/bull bar and Light bar, Mounted and wired fog lights to Brush Bar and Light Bar Got a new-ish rust free MJ rear bumper (courtesy of Rob), new hitch/receiver, air box, and full gauge cluster I'm working two jobs right now so I've been working multiple 14-16 hour days a week and haven't had any time to install the bumper, hitch/receiver, and full gauge cluster, or go to LKQ and get everything I need for a bucket seat conversion, or even work on the MJ at all, and it's killing me! :fs1: Hopefully in a couple weeks one of my jobs will become full-time though, and then I can give the MJ the the time that she so deserves :yes: A new paint job is definitely in the MJ's future (not a big fan of the whole tri-color look right now, lol), as well as new shocks and some new rims and tires. Oh, and I found a low-quality video I took with my phone after getting the new VC and Thermostat installed, here ya go: Better daytime photos/vids coming this week! :thumbsup:
  15. Sorry I couldn't go this time guys, Red Robin had me working a double today. :fs1: I guess I could leave 'em since my other job is more than enough to cover my expenses and then some, but it's nice to have some extra money for the MJ. I'll make sure to keep an eye on this part of the forum so I can ask off for the next LKQ run :thumbsup:
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