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Comanche of the month, Nov 2010 --- NEOHIC's 1988

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November is here guys! Leaves have dropped, its getting a wee bit colder, and we have a MJ fresh out of the project garage, and into MJOTM glory.

--------------NOVEMBER 2010 - NEOHIC'S 1988 ELIMINATOR --------------

1988 Eliminator

4.6L Stroker
5.0 injectors
Ceramic-coated header
2.5” exhaust, polished head
Match-ported everything
“AMC blue” painted block and flamed oil pan… because it adds a few extra horses!

Trussed and plated HP non-disco Dana 30
29 spline Chrysler 8.25” (no lockers… just the “cable locker” in the bumper)
4.10 gears
231 t-case
AW4 trans
Shortened late ‘60s Chevy rear driveshaft

Open system swapped in
High flow water pump
Auxiliary 10” electric fans


As of right now stock. Custom cross-over ready to go when it grows up a little more

3.5” mystery coils
RE control arms (adjustable uppers, fixed lowers)
Kevin’s Offroad Trackbar
SUA 1700 lb springs

2004 Ford Escape seats (custom adapters on stock mounts)
Custom all stainless t-case shifter
Miscellaneous do-dads and switches

Stock fronts with ceramic pads
ZJ discs in the rear
“Custom” zip-tied proportioning valve

Custom aluminum roof mounted light bar based on modified XJ Yakima roof rack mounts

Stock Eliminator “phone dial” aluminum wheels
31” Widetrack Baja A/Ts (for now)

Custom bumpers front and rear
Warn 8274 winch
ZJ exterior door handles
Over two gallons of roll-on bedliner

Best MJ story:
Actually, my best MJ story is more like a novel!

This little truck has been a part of my life for over six years now. I bought it with the intentions of needing a truck but not needing 4wd. Shortly after purchasing the truck I started school and also started tinkering on it. Drove it for a while… worked on it in the evenings after school… drove it for a while… lifted it with junkyard parts and custom made shackles to level it out… drove it for a while… bought a junk XJ as a donor and did the 4wd swap over spring break and added the 31s… drove it for a while… took it apart all the way down to nothing to start over. Yeah… it’s been a long and rough ride! Almost a year after I was done in school, the project grew into an engine rebuild and some bodywork… and so it sat for too long.

Let’s put this on hold for a moment. Life took over: bought a house, got married, built my shop, bought another MJ, built it up, stripped it down, sold the MJ, changed jobs… where was my little Eliminator? The poor truck (with a fresh motor) bounced between my uncle’s barn and my cousin’s cold storage for over two years until I had room to take it back.

Fast forward to right now. The bodywork is done, new paint, put it all back together and over four months later it’s all coming together. Mechanically, this truck is completely freshened up… pretty much a brand new, 22 year old Jeep… with 240,000 miles on it!

All in all, my truck has been a huge part of my life. I’m not set on one story that defines what I remember about it. As I’ve changed and grew, my truck changed and grew. As I moved around, it followed me. As my life speeds up and slows down, this little guy has always been there for me.

Let's take a look back...

Started building some stuff...

Then some other stuff hapened...

Which brings us up to here... where lots of stuff happened!!!

What owner loves best about CC:

These trucks are getting harder to find and the fact that we can all come here with this common interest is amazing. We play nice together. We swap ideas and tips. We let each other know what kind of a day we are having as if we all know each other. So much of the time, a new member shows up and instantly there is the familiar “Welcome to CC!”, “Join the madness!”, and “Beer’s in the fridge!”. We all know and live with these trucks and we all have our own stories about them. Somehow, most seem to start with the common theme of falling into MJs by accident and finding our way here. Some of us have sold our trucks. Some of us can’t stand to work on them anymore. Some park their projects for years only to come back to them as if seeing an old friend again. Some drive their trucks everyday and others drive them only on special occasions. The point is: with all the different ways we enjoy our trucks we all come back here and let the others know what’s happening. Then we all listen… talk a little bit… Call it a brotherhood, fellowship, society, or clique… we all call it the Comanche Club!

Ben, let's just say that you made it easy to spotlight this truck. The through build thread, the detail on the engine, step by step, as it went from stock to current. That truck is a thing of beauty. I have had the unbelievable chance to see it in person, and it looks even better one on one. But, This is just as much about the member as the truck, and I know you have gone personally above and beyond for a few members, including myself. Just talking to you about the class you teach, and the young MJ'er you have in there is a great thing. We all have to to keep the torch lit on these old Jeeps, and yours definitely is one that sparks interest among new members, as well as old ones.

Ben, Congrats on November's MJOTM, keep the good work up brotha.

Be sure to tell the class.
Rob L. :cheers:

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Wow! Thanks everybody!


I have to say that this truck wouldn't have gone anywhere without watching all of your builds and taking plenty of notes! With so many others on here that I look up to and admire, I can't even say that I would've started anything without finding this site first. Thanks so much everyone!

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