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  1. Can't weld .......Rivets worked for me :thumbsup:
  2. vaquaro

    Bought A Kj Today

    More or less , major concussion , will be off work for 6-8 weeks before I'll be able to drive equiptment / vehicle . The way our insurance works on a write- off is basicly all or nothing , They will buy you a near identicle vehicle or cash equivalent or you can bid for it in auction with wrecking yards competing with you . Hopefully I can find a replacement .......I'll keep you posted
  3. vaquaro

    Bought A Kj Today

    Well that was short and sweet :doh: managed to roll it = completely totated / write off . Probably buy another ........ :eek:
  4. That is one sweet ride .....Enjoy the well deserved spotlight :thumbsup:
  5. vaquaro

    Bought A Kj Today

    Thats the color :thumbsup: I'll get some pics up soon
  6. Ya , I know I'm going to get some flack , But every XJ I looked at was over-priced , high milage Crap . Found the '02 Liberty Sport 4x4 ( 3.7 V6 -5spd ) Low miles , Super clean , all recalls done , New clutch , brakes , tires , AC pump , Price was right ... bought it .
  7. . It must be nice and comforting to believe that your government would never lie to you. Considering history, you would be dead wrong, of course - but that belief must still be very nice and comforting. . Further, failure to ask questions is the greatest disservice to the victims that we here honor. Unfortunately , All of our " American ( Canada- USA- Mexico ) Governments " believe we Citizens are gullible and not worthy to evaluate the truth .Power hungery politicians feed / mis-inform us on a regular basis to serve their purposes , Not ours as they were elected to protect and honour . I doubt we will ever know the real truth behind the the slaughter of thousands of "Innocents" on that tragic day . I am very sad to say .
  8. It is possible to make a good/usable/efficient CVT but Chrysler hasn't found out how to do it ...... :thwak:
  9. What about the horses ? :cheers:
  10. Lil' Kenny , on the Dodge diesel chassis works for me ! :yes: and paint it RED :banana: with a 4 horse angle loader trailer :thumbsup: please ......Excuse me ....have to run out for more lotto tickets .... :cheers:
  11. vaquaro


    Take the wife out for a special dinner , then tell her the lump under the tarp in the driveway is only temporary . :brows: It's worth a shot , good luck :thumbsup:
  12. Yes, the topic is Right Here But I lost the pictures :eek: So, I reloaded them Here Before everybody gets in a twist about keeping the look of the MJ style ... Feature "here " with Mazda B4000 flares with trapizoidal (sp) outer curve to match the MJ/XJ style .....Could be a good blend :thumbsup:
  13. vaquaro

    Comanche Tops

    I've had mine for a few years , most practical mod ever . :thumbsup:
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