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  1. Fellow jeepers, I am trying to locate a top for a 83 jeep scrambler.Any info/leads would be fantastic. thanks.
  2. Probably a virus. Look at this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtHxN0Y7668
  3. Burp the system again.I lift the rear of the truck untill the rear of the engine is higher than the front, Remove the cap from the bottle. Remove the temp sending unit/switch watch for coolent to escape. Then replace the unit/switch.Drive the truck repeat, If need-be.
  4. I moved the #5 injector to #4cyl put in the 88 ecm ran the truck for about 10 min,Then it quit.Opened the ecm,found where it blew,in a different location.I pulled the injectors and ohmed them all,5 were at 12.3,0ne was reading O.That was the one on the #4cyl.I traced every wire in the engine bay and came up with nothing.Changed back to the old injectors after ohms check they all read 12.7. Put another 90year model ECM in.Ran the truck for 1300 miles on vacation and it continues to run today.
  5. One bad injector DiD take- out the ECM.
  6. I did not try to find the missing cylinder as of yet,Everything happend late sunday on my way back to the valley for work on monday.After the 88 ECM instal,and start-up, when it was still missing the time was 2am.I called it quits for for now.Trying to get info for the next round this weekend or relay info to the son-in- law.He can work on it when he has time.Thanks for your time & info :bowdown:
  7. 10-4 I will replace asap.With the 88 ECM and the 4-port injectors the truck still has a miss.
  8. I work out of town,200mi. from my home. when the truck quit I got my son-in- law to trailer it to his shop.
  9. Not on the injector instal, On bleeding the air out of the closed cooling.I did splice the line with electrical tape.Can't look at anything, cause the truck is 200mi. from me at presant.
  10. All I know Is that the injector instal was the only thing I have done.So I'll go back where I started, With the old injectors.
  11. No sir, that's what they sent.I figured I'd try-em out.I'm in the process of putting the old ones back in.Also installed A1988 ECM.Still looking for A 89-90 ECM.
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