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  1. I caught my jaw dropping, and drool forming as I read through your build... So friggen sick!!!! Also, what do you do for a living? I think its pretty clear I need to quit my job and do what you do! You definitely have wicked awesome fabrication skills! Keep up the good work, this is a cool thread to read!
  2. If you have a renix 4.0 you could put a 4.0L H.O. head on for a performance upgrade. Its not going to be plug and play though.
  3. Well, I would say swapping the 5 speed is going to be easier than swapping a 700r4, seeing as the truck is already set up for a manual tranny (floor cutouts, no column shifter, no oil lines/oil cooler etc) and running 38"s your going to need big lift 8"+ with large offset rims, and big axles. I'm guessing this is going to be an off road rig based on the fact your running such large tires, so I would look at taller gears also. I would say 4.10 and numerically higher. Those stock axles will hardly be able to push those big tires on dry pavement without breaking. as for 15" rim.... I think D60's are usually set up for at least 16" rims brake clearance wise. I would say a well built Dana 44 and a 9" rear would put you in good shape. I would plan on spending ALOT more than $1000 for all the work your looking at.... if $1000 is your budget, you would be MUCH better off just swapping in another 4.0L which can be readily found for $400~ and putting some reasonably sized tires on like 31x10.50's which you could extremely likely find used with rims for another $400~ and use the last $200 for either a Dana 44 rear end, or a Chrysler 8.25" rear end. Your going to be looking at a ballpark $3-5K for what you want to do, and thats if you have a shop with metal fabrication equipment already. Don't let me hold you back though! do what your heart desires, its your Jeep! Good luck! -Nate
  4. Always loved to get ideas and look at the build page on this rig! A well deserved congratulations is in order!!!
  5. Ordered a D30 Lock-Rite axle lock today! Can't wait to install! Been running around in my 96 XJ w/ locked 8.25" in the rear and keep getting stuck in the snow! always a front wheel hang up, so the locker seemed like a good buy to me!
  6. I'd like to say that I called Devin today (our new contact) and had EXCELLENT service. We talked for a while about his 88 MJ and his 92 XJ. also he is working on a 94? grand cherokee. I scored a D30 lock rite locker for $214 shipped to my door! Highly recommend ordering from Devin! I had previously had a membership card from Rob that I of course lost, and Devin went and found my information, updated it and gave me the discount no questions asked.
  7. Got around to working on the MJ today; a whopping 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside! I ordered a new gas tank (18 gallon) from RadiatorClassic on Ebay. The reason for ordering a 18 gallon VS. a 23 gallon was simply price. I found the 18 gallon for $110 bucks, vs. the 23 gallon for roughly $200~. Installed the tank and fired the truck up and found another issue.... truck will start, then dies out immediately like a lack of fuel issue. It will then start and fire again, and die the same way as the first time. The third time you start it, and give it a little throttle, she stays running (you can take your foot off the throttle and it will continue to run). It does this regardless of being warm, or cold. My initial thought was the ballast resistor, so I tried replacing that and no good. So, I took the two connectors on the ballast resistor and wired them together. Still doesn't help. I am going to get a fuel pressure gauge and check to see what I got. Any clues as to what might be causing this? I also replaced the ground cable today, the other was extremely corroded and the coating was burnt off. I had an issue with the fuel pump not turning on, so I swapped relays around and BAM! fuel pump worked perfect. and MOST important progress of the day- I got the opportunity to drive my MJ for the first time :D very exciting! I simply cannot wait to get this thing into action!
  8. X2 theres a vacuum plug on the passenger side near the stock upper control arm mount. With 6" of lift, the vacuum lines on mine were not long enough to leave the connector plugged in, so had to re-route the hoses a bit to get it to fit correctly
  9. Check your sway bar links- make sure they are tight with a ratchet, otherwise my next guess would be a balljoint
  10. Crawled under the MJ this weekend and mine looks pretty cruddy... Still interested?
  11. I'll check my '90 pioneer and see if it is intact tonight or tommorow, I would be happy to send it to you if I am able to take it off.
  12. Woop! Got some rubber for the MJ until the lift comes around! 235/75/R15 BFGoodrich AT/KO's! Keeping my eyes open for a set of turbines! Might even use a set of Dakota wheels, if the price is right. Also, stopped at the local JY to see if there was anything decent there. Found a couple vehicles that were fun to look at, but everything else there was, well, junk to say the least. Here's my best finds and for the Beetle lovers.... Also, was reading on some other people's problems on the tech section and found out my Ballast Resistor was bad! SOOO, popped a new one in and she starts like a champ! That's all for now folks!
  13. I always bleed the brakes with the engine running? Haven't hurt anything yet!
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