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  1. For shifting the trans I went with the winters sidewinder shifter. Looking back now I would’ve ordered the flat mount instead of with the console. Console didn’t fit so made one. I don’t know how I feel about it and may make another eventually. And for exhaust I ended up cutting the collector mounts and welding on some Vband mounts. Probably one of my biggest regrets. It makes the headers fit in nicer but bolting then collector pipe on in an 8” lifted truck is a pain.
  2. Truck is not driving yet but wanted to make a list of stuff I used to LS swap this truck. Just in case anyone is looking for info. I didn’t go 100% Novak for budget reasons...put that $ saved on the headers, and cooling into the computer system. This wasn’t cheap by any means and it’s not done yet. -2003 5.3L and 4L60e -LS1 intake -holley fuel rails -LS1 injectors -Novak mounts -Novak transfercase adapter -Novak cable shifter (had to bend the bracket to make the cable work) -Novak transmission mount w/homemade plate -Becool LS universal radiator 2
  3. Thanks for the welcome back! Been a long time, figured share a bit of the changes. Debating on making a small how to LS thread to just post up the hurdles and things I’ve decided to do to make it work out. Just waiting on driveshafts and gotta make a fan shroud this week and put in the fan.
  4. Haven’t posted in years, truck has been slow going because of other things. But truck got a waggy front 44 and finishing up an LS swap.
  5. Possibly, but I would think if it was warped it would give trouble immediately on start up. Flywheel is new, fired it up yesterday after work and it idles fine now...so maybe I gotta go drive and put load on the motor to get it to do it again
  6. Truck hasnt been playing nice lately. But I finally got a package at the pier! Teaser! Once I figure out what gremlin got in her Ill take a picture in the light!
  7. To my knowledge I aligned it right. The bolts only line up a certain way. BUT the last CPS looked like it got rubbed a bit....but that is honestly my worst fear....gotta pull that whole TNT kit off one weekend to do it! But you may have a point, I'll check the new CPS for wear
  8. This motor has been in this truck for about 4 years. The fuel pump is for a 4cyl because the 4.0 pump doesn't fit inside the unit, I tried last year when I changed it before. Distributor has never been replaced, has performance distributor cap, rotor, wires, and screamn demon coil, all installed like 4 years ago, could probly use a spark plug change. Just did an aw4 to ax swap a couple months back so this is a different comp, haven't tried putting the old aw4 comp back in. I haven't checked timing, I figure it's all electronic controlled, cps, ECM and maybe MAP would influence it the most i th
  9. I got an 86' with 92' 4.0. It left me stranded the other day, after putting a new CPS and fuel pump in I got it home. Just got some new wheels and tires so I threw them on, went for a drive and everything was going good. Then the motor had like a hesitation and when I gave it more gas it had an after fire out of the exhaust, got it back home and it was running at a lower than normal idle and the motor would act almost tryin to catch itself and idle up a bit and then back down again. Anyway, it almost sounds like ignition and timing....but with a new CPS what else is there that does timing
  10. Thanks, I appreciate that! Well I would have taken more pics of this weekend....but we kinda don't like showing people our diving spots....so I don't really take much photos, except of what we catch. Any way went to Waipio valley this weekend, north east side of Island of Hawaii, best way to describe the road is a single lane badly paved road a little over a mile long with a 25% down grade! 4x4 required to enter, but well worth the hell on brakes and clutch on the way up. Truck did good during this trip, last time I went there the truck was lower and the transfercase chain was stretche
  11. Ready for the weekend!!!! Tires are in Oahu, wheels are on the way from the mainland still! Put a stock headpipe back on and got rid of the 2.5" one I had made...weve all had that make it loud phase. And I'm actually happy to hop in my truck and drive, no deafening tone inside the cab while cruising! Next is the rest of the tailpipe!
  12. Its Currie's linkage, and yes it did come from the mainland haha! The tie rod angle gets maxed out on the original with this tall of a lift. I got a front dana 44 to install one day too, and would have liked to build a crossover highsteer setup for it, I am realizing I'm not on an "Xtreme 4x4 budget" so I went with an upgraded stock linkage setup from currie, works with Jeeps 4-6" of lift without a drop pitman arm...I have a 2" drop so I figured I'm good, and so far its great! Expensive but I figured I wanted to go offroad ASAP, not spend a grand building a dana 44.
  13. Nothing really new, been driving her daily working out the kinks. no offroad yet, wheels and tires should be here by end of October. Raised steering stabilizer mount, don't mind that weld....found out my gun cable wasnt pushed into machine all the way...no gas. Has since been grinded and rewelded. New steering linkage
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